16GB Lexar Flash Drive £3.99 at Ebuyer

16GB Lexar Flash Drive £3.99 at Ebuyer

Found 12th Jul 2014Made hot 12th Jul 2014
Lexar 16GB JumpDrive S50 USB Flash Drive Product Description

The Lexar JumpDrive S50 USB flash drive provides convenient, reliable portable storage for life on the go. This Hi-Speed USB drive with protective sliding cover provides an excellent solution for safely storing, transferring, and sharing your valuable files, photos, videos, and more.

Yes it's USB 2.0 , but for under 4 quid for 16GB, you can leave the thing plugged in a few minutes longer whilst you keyboard warriors pooh pooh deals.

Delivery is free.


Very negative post so I'm voting cold......and its a USB 2.0

BTW I voted hot .........................because its a deal

Although USB 2 these are excellent solid drives and at this price a bargain.

Thanks - purchased...
I dunno if I'd say it was a negative post - sometimes it is wish to preempt the obvious criticism. I think you were saying "YES, its USB2.0, but I've taken that into account and still considered the price to be a steal, so please, if you disagree, then point to a cheap deal for the same thing...". After all, not everyone wants a Ferrari...


BTW I voted hot .........................because its a deal

Totally agree

Hot from me. Bought 3 of these recently for more as they are one of the few reliable ones for my old Kia's usb port

Bought 1 before works fine. Just got another. Thanks

Damn it! I got one of these for £4 the other day when ebuyer priced-matched amazon

I feel so cheated over that penny

Bargain! Bought!

Great deal.

19 people are about to buy this oO

Do not buy, mine fried itself after 2 months light usage!!! Ebuyer are not interested

I am a keyboard warrior, and we are online, so this is the best kind of warrior in this situation.

Just purchased....Thanks

£5.99 delivery to Northern Ireland... doh. (no free del option - dohh!)

Ordered & voted hot.

Heat added decent value thank you

Am i missing something or has the free delivery stopped?

must have, they tried to scam me for nearly £9 delivery! Id be surprised if it cost ONE pound to post this! Just a con!

Got mine yesterday they tried to deiver the day before but wanted it signed for.So how the hell do they make any profit on it.signed for yodel delivered twice,And £4.

PRICE RISE. up 1p now to £4 oO
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