16GB Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB drive reduced to £14.98 at Tesco
16GB Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB drive reduced to £14.98 at Tesco

16GB Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB drive reduced to £14.98 at Tesco

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Seen tonight at Tesco Stalybridge.

They're the older design so they may be clearing them off but they're none the worse for that.

There was a printed yellow 'reduced' shelf edge label they so may not be store specific but could be limited availability. There were four left at midnight. The odd 98p price might mean something to the more enlightened members.

I didn't buy one because I'd picked up one of the 32GB ones last week. Two of these work out a few pence cheaper.


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Many thanks to whoever is working late and added the photo etc.

As it shows, this design has a metal ring which makes it easier to fasten it to something, the newer design just has a bar and you need to find your own suitable sized ring. Not a big problem but the ring helps.

This will get hot! - The prices for these has been way to high for way to long. I have 2, so no need to buy, but voted hot!

Under £1/GB wins in my book. Hawt.


Under £1/GB wins in my book. Hawt.

i couldn't agree more.

Hot - price has finally dropped under £15

Have some rep

Great Price !! :thumbsup:

I have a couple of these.At this price it's a great deal - hot !

Hot, but these were a similar price on Play a week or so back. I ordered one.

Just bought two from Play a few quid more; great price here then....!

Numpty Question - Why are these so cheap at the moment?


because they've realised that ripping people off doesn't sell that many ;-)

Nice deal, but I really wanted the newer 32GB for £30 from Tescos. Just can't find them anywhere. Hot.

It's a good price, I recently bought one for £16 off play.com.

The only problem is that they light up brighter than christmas tree when you plug them in, and as I use mine to plug into my xbox to watch avi films I end up having to stick some electricians tape over it to cover the light.

Voted hot!

Same! I can't find them in any stores! Not even their "Home" stores!

Heat added, good price.


Same! I can't find them in any stores! Not even their "Home" stores!

What's a Tesco Home store? I thought that was Next and Asda?

I've had a 1GB version of these for yonks and it has never let me down, plus the U3 launchpad side of things is quite neat if you are a windows user and need your favorite tools to hand.

are these 'readyboost' enabled please anyone ?

Found some in my local store, old design so right ones but they scanned at 29.97 at the till.

Great deal well spotted

Went back to my local store after failing with 16GB and found a 32GB for £29.99 instead.

They are great
We have two and don't need more but snap one up

Not at the Portwood Store, Stockport and certainly not worth the trip over to Staly' to find you've bought the last one!

I have to vote cold because my store only had the 8gb ones, for 30 quid.

I bought one from play last week. Really good

Only annoying thing is the flashing red transparent thing, it's REALLY annoying. So i painted it black.


are these 'readyboost' enabled please anyone ?


29.97 at Purley Tesco,even after scanning to check.

Full price in my local.
Why is this deal so hot ? Looks like only 1 person got any !


I got one of these from Play a while back for a couple quid more - really useful

Hi, sorry got to vote cold, priced at £29.97 at southampton this afternoon

£18.98 in Coventry Ricoh Arena Park - just picked one up...

£18.98 in my local......

looking for 16/32Gb one but with different design. £1/Gb is where the smart money is at.

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