16gb SD HC Memory Card + Free 16gb SD Card from Play.com

16gb SD HC Memory Card + Free 16gb SD Card from Play.com

Found 15th Apr 2009
Been looking fior a memory card and this seems a stunning deal.

A free 16gb Play SD card when you buy a 16gb SD HC card!

(Plus 0.5% Quidco -better then nothing i guess!)


cant see the offer but sounds like a great deal if its true

edit: found it

heat and rep added

I may be wrong but think you'll find it's free IF you buy a selected camcorder...]http//ww…tml

MEGA HOT offer!! I've got one of these in my panasonic camcorder, never had any problems with it.

Original Poster

It registered as 1 card in my basket - but i took a screen print of the offer just in case!

i see what you mean re with a camcorder - but the banner seems to suggest otherwise!

Am confused now!



Definitely camcorders only, if you click one of them you have the option to add the free sd card to your basket, not there with the card itself:


Its strange though how it also has a 16gb sd card listed in with the camcorder, and tells you to select your free 16gb card at the top of the offer page

See here, price of 0.00 only comes up when you buy a camcorder I'm afraid - ]http//ww…tml


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