16GB USB 2.0 Flash / Key Drive £15.99 @ 7dayshop

16GB USB 2.0 Flash / Key Drive £15.99 @ 7dayshop

Found 4th Dec 2008
Best deal I could find on a 16GB USB flash drive.

Dane Elec USB 16GB 170x Flash drive.
This 16GB (gigabyte) Key Drive is USB 2.0 Compliant - also works on USB 1.1 PC's
Removeable Protective Top
Weighs in at around 10g
Length is Just 7cm

Compatible With:

Windows 2000/XP Or Above
Mac OS 9.0 or higher
Mac OS X 10.1.5 or higher


Good price, but I'd rather get the cruzer - it's brill. for boot off from to install windows/linux for netbooks without cd rom drive. So easy infact any idiot could do it.

This might be a better buy though at the same price

only buy the cruzer, which comes with u3 software, might be £1 more but worth, belive me
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