16GB USB Flash Drive- £14.49 @ Play.com

16GB USB Flash Drive- £14.49 @ Play.com

Found 21st Oct 2010Made hot 21st Oct 2010
Was posted a few days ago and expired and i just came across it. Great price i think for a 16gb USB


yeah the 7dayshop one has been quite good for me

Don't buy this when you can get following for a bit extra:

Forget Play - they'll charge your card before they have stocks, and then you'll struggle to prise the item out of them.

Not to be trusted.

I have this flash drive and the write speed on it is extremely slow, do yourself a favour and get something with a faster write speed even if it's a few pond more expensive it will worth it

same not to be trusted still waiting 3 weeks now

like many i ordered a 8gb flash drive from play and after 21 days still waiting , cancelled and orderedw16gb from 7day shop for afew pound more and was here after a few days

I ordered this from Play two weeks ago and it's marked 'dispatched' but there's been no sign of it. The website tells you they won't accept any complaints about non-receipt until 21 days after delivery. Sod this, I'm sticking to Amazon in future.

I ordered RAM from Play on 05/10/10 they took the cash on the 07/10/10 I got an email saying it had shipped on 18/10/10 and it turned up on 19/10/10, so 11 days between the money being taken from my account and an item shipped email. They don't seem to be as reliable as they once were. It also turned up in a very flimsy jiffy bag.

BTW I have one of these Play pendrives and they are very slow and unresponsive.

Dont order from play, as above it just doesnt deliver, but what no one else mentions is, they DO take the money instantly from you. So youre waiting 28 sodding days for a refund when you know fine well they were out of stock. Its a disgrace. I imagine its how they fiddle the books by taking instant payment, they then can show a different amount of net worth with so many people waiting for refunds or forgetting about orders. Total disgrace.

For anyone thinking of dealing with Play, take very great care - it's not a UK company, and you could get your fingers very badly burned if things go wrong. I'll say no more than that.

Newbold - It has warehouses in the UK.

This is a very slow write speed as others have said, it's not even worth bothering with.
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