16x cans of Pepsi (150ml), only £2.89 @ Co-op

16x cans of Pepsi (150ml), only £2.89 @ Co-op

Found 20th Dec 2010
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i think these are the tiny cans?
Yes 150ml mixer ones I think
It is only 16 cans from what I can see ??
there is only 8 small cans in each box
Nearest co-op is in dudley so i doubt i'll bother, but great price if your close to a co-op.
Yeah 16 cans of 150ml which would roughly equate to 8 mormal sized cans so not that great a deal. Just as well I checked the link before rushing to my local. Lidl still have normal sized cans 6 pack for £1.29, so a much better deal.
For a whole 20p more you're better off getting the cans of Cola.

Cola: 12 x 330ml cans = 3.96 litres
Pepsi: 16 x 150ml cans = 2.4 litres

65% more juice for 20p extra.

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I hate those diddy little cans, kids seem to love them though
Handy for young kids or mixers, but to small for day to day use. Good spot though, just not for me.
I love the small cans for car journeys etc .... Heat from me x
A lot of cans, that is. Only 2l of Pepsi.
Works out to about 39p per 330ml (normal can size), or £1.20 per litre, so voted cold
I've never even seen the Co-op sell these size cans before.

I thought this was BOGOF when I first saw the deal but it isn't. It is infact a truly awful deal for what you actually get.

Why does the advert/picture say buy one get one free then?

It is BOGOF, it includes, pepsi, r-whites, britvic tonic, slimline tonic, bitterlemon and soda water. really good deal for the mixers!! (much cheaper than elsewhere)
i'm actually quite pleased to hear they are mini-cans, like to keep these for my home bar and they are hard to find cheap.
Sorry I got confused. I thought these were 16 packs and were BOGOF (ie 32 cans for £2.89), now that would have been a good deal, but its not it's an 8 pack BOGOF which is not so good.
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