16x Speed Maxell DVD+R or DVD-R's 150 for just £25.98 Or Less Delivered!
16x Speed Maxell DVD+R or DVD-R's 150 for just £25.98 Or Less Delivered!

16x Speed Maxell DVD+R or DVD-R's 150 for just £25.98 Or Less Delivered!

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Maxell DVD+R or DVD-R Blank Media 3 for 2 Offer: With the media dye types: DVD-R RITEKF1 and DVD+R RICOHJPN R03 R04 * 4. 7 GB data * Single Sided * 16x speed/write-once

I've used some of each, with no problems on 16x speed or 8x speed recorders. I think they're excellent value for money at just £25.98 for 150 [3 spindles of 50 DVD media on each], normally £12.99 each! Buy through QuidCo.Com to earn 2% in cashback or use the direct link opposite to go straight to the deals.


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]http://images.play.com/covers/709602m.jpg [COLOR=darkred]+[/COLOR] http://images.play.com/covers/676757m.jpg [COLOR=darkred]+[/COLOR] http://images.play.com/covers/709602m.jpg


[COLOR=darkred]Maxell DVD+R and DVD-R[/COLOR] discs offer six times the storage capacity of CD-Rs, making them ideal choices for recording digital movies and photos, backing up hard drives, creating multimedia presentations, and developing a host of other projects. Each write-once disc holds 4.7 GB of information--enough for two hours of video in SP mode or six hours in EP mode. The DVD-Rs can also store up to a half dozen hours of high-quality music. Once recorded, the discs will last anywhere from 40 to 250 years, making them a great choice for archiving.

[COLOR=darkred]Previous Batch Dye Types[/COLOR]: DVD-R RITEKF1 and DVD+R RICOHJPN R03 R04

The link above didn't work for me but this does


thanks for this rayman

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Thanks wildashwood for letting us know about the link. It should be working fine now ;-)

Seems like a good deal. How does RITEKF1 compare with these 100 Panasonic DVD-R Taiyo Yuden TYG03 (£22.79 delivered)?

Edit to make better sense!

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I can't compare them, but I've only ever read good things about Taiyo Yuden, so I think that would be a very good deal

As I've mentioned in the original post, the Maxell have been exceptionally good, reliable and no problems for me, so I've used those for almost a year.


Excellent just what i needed thanks!

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Welcome to HotUKDeals alternate and Thanks for the info

So the Maxell's are TYG03 now?

FYI I got some of the -R with my play £5 voucher.

Their stock now seems to be the grey spindle (rather than black) ones, all other packaging the same, and the media tag on these is TYG03.

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Sorry my post leapfrogged yours: Welcome to HotUKDeals alternate and Thanks for the info

So the Maxell's are TYG03 now?

The Panasonics are TYG03, I haven't looked up personally what the Maxell's are but you mentioned RITEKF1 so assume that was right. Both deals seem quite good but for me I'd rather have quality over quantity and I know Taiyo Yuden are considered the best. If I used more DVD-R's I would get both!

Taiyo Yuden discs are generally recognised as the best in the business...thats a fantastic price for the Panasonics....I just wish they had printable surfaces!

Yeah, after re-reading my post it needs some editing to make it easier to understand.

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Thanks wildashwood I thought you meant the new batch of Maxell's, that confused me :roll: But yeah the Maxell discs should have the dye types listed in the original post

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The Panasonics are a good price with Taiyo Yuden dye types. They deserve a post of their own ;-)

They got a post of their own but the guy put his own referral in the link, a wrong photo and then posted it twice so it didn't get a great response. Let me see if I can post the deal again properly.

Edit: The post has now been sorted out and here it is: hotukdeals.com/for…501

Also, I just noticed alternate's post above where he said he'd bought some of these Maxell's and they ARE TYG03. Is that correct alternate?

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That's the one that foxed me, I think he means the Panasonic's :thinking:

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By all means post the deal up again, as it's worthy. Thanks for pointing out the referral posts, it must have been another moderator who moved those

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Yeah Could be the Maxell's then. If so, they're a very hot deal in theory, at least until someone can leave feedback for them.

I would guess so too but he mentioned he used is play voucher so it sounds like he bought the Maxell's.

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Sorry, my post leapfrogged yours :roll:

Just to confirm. Maxells from Play, -R, have Taiyo Yuden dye.

They are as picture, gold tops only the spindle/base is now grey not black.

I have use 10 and they seem a decent disc

Wow, that's pretty good news. Time to order me some I think! Thanks for that info alternate.

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Thanks for the info alternate, the Maxell's I have from the last batch at Play.Com aren't Taiyo Yuden's, that makes these even more desirable :-D

As an alternative, check out the outstanding quality on the HP discs. I purchased 150 of these (6 x 25 spindles) last week along with some other stuff. Each spindle is £3.90 with the HUKD discount... Bringing 150 up to £23.40... With postage it goes up to around £30 so it might only be something worth considering if you were already getting something on SVP anyway.

So to summarise... If speed and decent quality is your thing, go with the maxells. If superior quality with an 8 minute wait time is reasonable for you, the HP's are definately a good way to go.

On SVP the average rating is 9.9/10. Personally i've been through a spindle already and not once has there been any hiccups... The dye is even picking up as letting me burn at 12 speed (Pioneer 110D).


PS. For about £27.43 you can get a 100 spindle of Taiyo Yuden's which are the holy grail of DVD media. You are sacraficing 50 discs, but your gaining so much more in quality.

Yes... There's more to consider than price and speed when choosing DVD media.

EDIT: I just noticed you said your last batch was not TY making them more desirable? Umm?? Taiyo Yuden has the best dye on the market, which is why their discs are the most expensive. As far as i know it's what the major manufacturers such as Sony use. Getting a disc with TY dye is a good thing.

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No I meant the Taiyo Yuden "now" are more desirable [my grammar has been confusing people today lol Sorry ;-)].

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The HP discs I've used in the past, have also been very reliable and written at the stated speeds. I can't remember the dye type of them though.

Dye type on the HP's are: CMC MAG AE1

Don't let the ugle 'CMC' bit of text put you off... This is the higher quality CMC discs Not the average ones used in the Datawrite Titaniums etc.

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Thanks for the info woohoomoo

I used to buy quite a few Datawrite's for lower write speed recorders and thought they were great. But something changed when they introduced the Titanium With the higher write speed drives, they never wrote at their stated speeds.

Maxell's have been my choice for a while now.

I'll be honest here... Im not an expert at picking media but I've been doing it regularly for about 5 or 6 years. The best way of finding a media and sticking with it is through trial and error (for the large part).

Obviously a super cheap disc is almost guaranteed to be good for short term storage only, but sometimes the mid-priced media are the best choice as they are a good mix of cost and quality.

The Datawrites for me have been kind so far... not brilliant though. The normal Datawrite Titanium 8 speeds have never failed me, but I have recently purchased a tub of the new Titanium VX2's which I have yet to test... Reviews so far don't sound good.

I also purchased 2 x 50 tubs of the Datawrite Grey 16 speeds which are apparently Datawrite's best - again, still to test them.

The Datawrite Mach's worked ok but never burn successfully at 16 speed on my drive. They did however work fine 95% of the time at 8 speed.

Finally, the Tuffdiscs... They seem to be getting a lot of slack from customers but they have been a good choice for me. ~£13 for a 100 tub of 16 speeds, which have always worked for me at that speed. And they have a cool orange hard coating which is really usefull against scratches on the top surface, and easy for anything you write on it to show up (unless it's a faint red or orange).

Bear in mind this is all done on a Pioneer 110D. If you have the same, maybe I have helped you in deciding what to go for and what to stay away from.

PS. I once had a spindle of Hyundai DVD's and also Phoenix DVD's. Both were cheap at the £4~5 mark for 50 (great bargain at the time...many months ago). Some of the best media I had ever used... Was just a pity I only got one spindle of each - cant find them anywhere now.

Maybe I had a bad batch but the Datawrite CMC MAG AE1 DVD's I bought a while ago were terrible. Had to burn at 4x even though they were rated 8x and even then I had trouble reading the data back after a few months.

Just wanted to add that mine came today and they're definitely TYG03. Burnt one just now at 16x on my NEC 3540A with no problem. Haven't run any qualty checks but these do seem like a real bargain.

Great price for branded media 17 p a disc cant go wrong...

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I recommend these too No problems and I've used quite a few now :santa:

FYI the picture on the play listing now shows a black spindle bottom - not sure if this means they are now supplying RITEKF1 - but that ain't a bad dye either.

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These are still on offer and in-stock...

Mine got posted today.. strangely it was split into three sepate orders of 8.66 each. So you could order 3, and the perhaps cancel 2


I'd suggest trying one of these. Very possible that they are MAXELL 002's Made in Japan which are very good discs.

Got mine this morning. Maxell dvd-r are grey spindle and RITEKF1 made by Ritek.

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Thanks for letting us know datamile :santa: They're the same as previous batches then :santa:
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