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Posted 26 November 2022

Daewoo SDA1032RD 17L Halogen Air Fryer Low Fat Oven - Black - £39.99 + £4.95 delivery @ Robert Dyas

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Seems a good deal for an air fryer considering the prices elsewhere.

This Daewoo 17L Halogen Air Fryer Low Fat Oven offers a revolutionary way to cook whole meals quickly, easily, and healthily with less fat. It has both a carbon heating bulb and a built-in fan to circulate the air evenly, so you're guaranteed to get perfectly cooked, succulent food - and it'll be cooked far quicker than in a conventional oven.

Got guests coming over? Not to worry, with a 12L capacity and a further 5L extender ring, you can make the most of this unit's very large 17L net capacity. Choose the most efficient temperature to get your food cooking between 60 to 250°.
Robert Dyas More details at Robert Dyas

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    The halogen ovens with an attached hinged lid are much easier to manage. You just lift the lid upright to access the food, rather than having to find space on your worktop for a loose, hot lid. Been using one for years (elements easily replaceable cheaply as stated in other comment). Dodge the "in fashion tax" too as noted. Halogen much hotter and quicker, and the main toughened glass bowl - and the metal accessories- go straight into the dishwasher. Job done
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    Big fan of these. We use ours regularly for cooking chips, waffles, potato slices. Heating up croissants. Cheese on toast Sausages. The lid fits perfectly on one of my frying pans and super for cooking the top of an omelette. 
    Like being able to see the food cook. Easy to clean. 
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    Wow, when these were on offer a year or 2 ago, they were £21.66 and were called halogen ovens. it looks to me like they are jumping on the Air Fryer bandwagon so they can charge you the Air Fryer tax.
    Agree, bought for £20 but the footprint is too big for our kitchen. It’s somewhere in a box, used twice!
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    AS far as I know, you cannot cook a whole chicken or a 10 inch Pizza in an air fryer?
    If your coming from using an oven, this will pay for itself in a very short time, depending on use of course. been using one for years and never burn myself yet. The Halogen bulbs can die after a year or two, but available from Amazon for 8 quid, and as easy to change as a 3 pin plug ( though who has to change those these days? )
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    Anonymous User
    An alternative to using a traditional oven. We use this for larger meals as our Air Fryer has a much smaller capacity. One benefit of this is that you can see the food cooking so can monitor it more easily. According to the spec for this it still has a 73% saving in energy consumption based on an average 5000w electric oven.
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    Mine Got broken after few months
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    Halogen oven. Not an air fryer.
    Ah is it somewhat similar ? Have ordered one
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    I gave one of these away to my daughters mom and she put the top in the washing up… not the wisest thing to do.. at least it wasn’t turned on I guess..
    I can go (a little) better methinks Well, maybe not, but here goes.

    I swapped out a George Foreman grill with my sister, both new...ish. I liked the removable plates on hers, she got my "floating hinge" model...

    A week or so later, and?
    "How you getting on with the grill, Sis"
    Oh (she said) I had to throw it away, because the HINGE was broken
    I blame BSE
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    Thought this was a Star Wars toy from the picture.
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    Had one like this (Aldi) bought 2 years ago. Absolute godsend. I’ve saved a fortune in bills. Only use my cooker for grill now.
    YES You can cook a whole chicken/joints in & is much tastier & succulent. Makes delicious chips (minus all the oil) Yorkshire puds, roast veg, (average size) pizza, cooks pies, quiche, lovely crunchy jacket pots, lasagne, Shepherd’s pie, etc. Took me awhile to get to grips but wouldn’t be without it now. 2 yr guarantee
    & I have a frame to rest the hot lid on when taking off. Might not be best for big family but 1/2 people okay & given some patience to practice & re-adjust & jobs a good un
    And in the summer you haven’t got a hot kitchen from the oven.
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    Paid £29.99 in Aug 2019 for our 1st one which lasted about 18 months before the element blew. Bought a replacement in Feb this year for £37.95 with a 2 year warranty. It has replaced our main cooker entirely.
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    I have been tempted by these in the past but like to grill my food, currently using conventional oven grill but if I eventually change houses will be up for something energy efficiient
    I find these great for grilling. They're rubbish for pizzas etc. because there's not enough heat getting underneath. They are really good for grilling burgers/sausages etc. Think of it more like a fan assisted grill and you won't go far wrong.
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    Ordered thanks
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    Had one for years
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    These have shot up in price recently. I had the Argos one and paid £35 less than 2 years ago. The same one is £56 and OOS everywhere. The bulb went recently and there was a thermostat fault tools not repairable, I'll be getting this. Worth pointing out it's free delivery over £50, so a £11 item will effectively cost £6 (edited)
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    This is useless. Just a wastage of space in kitchen. Better get a proper air fryer.
    What do you mean by "proper"? this is not an air fryer. This is a basic oven. An air fryer to accommodate a whole medium chicken or say Shepard's pie, would cost 4 times the price.
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    I LOVE my HALOGEN (that should knock a tenner off the price)

    Whole chicken, Pizza, bacon, sausages, burgers, roast potatoes PART BAKED BAGUETTES (in 10-12 minutes) cooked B4 your conventional oven would have heated up, the same goes for the pizzas so also economical.

    Just an idea with the Pizzas
    You could put them on a tall rack (AND use the extender ring) if yer not happy with the pizza base being crispy enough?

    Given the chance? I would have gone fer the HINGED LID version, but this was an Xmas gift (some 3 years ago now) and anyway, I get on JUST fine with the LID stand.
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    Mine arrives today, can't wait to use it and get some hot food in my system, takeaways cost too much and be cold by time it gets back home
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