18 bottles of Corona for £13.99 @ bargain booze

18 bottles of Corona for £13.99 @ bargain booze

Found 28th Jan
Keep seeing it on Facebook 18 bottles for £13.99 was £18.99. Deal only runs from 26-28 Jan click and collect available at some stores too.
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Who else thought this deal was for a fizzy soft drink ?

I didn't realise until I looked on Wikipedia that it had stopped being made under that name in the 1990's - gone the way of spangles and other childhood joys.
Good price, but from past experience at Wilson auctions you can have about 1800 bottles, for £35, that are past there best before date............but still taste as intended........well at least the Crabbies did, and it only cost £8.40
I remember Corona fizzy drinks.

There was a Bear, the catch phrase was something like, "Let's get fizz-icle"

I won a Corona hat when I was about 10.
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