18 cans of Fosters for £8 @ Sainsburys !

18 cans of Fosters for £8 @ Sainsburys !

Found 13th Mar 2008
18 cans of Fosters for £8, Ive just bought 10 packs to stock up for the summer. 44p per can which are 440 mls I think... They're not like little cans or anything, just regular cans


Nice one, heat.

Good deal thanks

£8.98 :thumbsup:

20 x 440ml Stella for £11.31 seems a better deal to me ;-)

Pretty good, though I can barely lug my shopping back to my flat as it is.
I also noticed Somerfield are doing 12 cans for £5.99 if you happen to be a couple of pounds short...

good find, me old mucker. Asda were doing this last weekend, don't know if its still on. Only mentioned this incase Asda is closer to your home. Cause petrol is expensive and the missus always moans when carrying 4 cases home.

why is this cold? :?
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