18 Cans of Strongbow for £5.69 at Sainsburys Local

18 Cans of Strongbow for £5.69 at Sainsburys Local

Found 25th Jun 2008
Just found a multipack of 18 440ml cans of Strongbow at Sainsburys Local for £5.69, right next to the 15 pack for £12.49! They're trying to get rid of the last of their stock, so I don't know whether it's at every store, or whether the same deal is happening at the main Sainsburys stores.


if this is at every sainsburys i'm off there now lol

Can anyone confirm if its at all stores?

Not at my Sainsburys Local :-(

Hot if you can find them!

I'm off to my local Sainsburys, which is a big one, I'll let you know!

Edit: nevermind, good price

good if ya can find it voted hot

stock up for glastonbury on the telly lol

Couldn't find it in my local

I've told our local tramp about this deal and he's got off his bench and took a few of his mates there!
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