£18 instead of £45.50 for three courses of French fine-dining cuisine, including their amazing roasted duck and praline millefeuille at one of London's premier restaurants, Les Trois Garcons - Save 60% with Groupon (My City)

£18 instead of £45.50 for three courses of French fine-dining cuisine, including their amazing roasted duck and praline millefeuille at one of London's premier restaurants, Les Trois Garcons - Save 60% with Groupon (My City)

Found 18th Jul 2010
A slap up meal in one of London's finest for £18 - nice
It's a known fact that the best things come in threes. Just don't try and convince your other half with this line of thought! See below for our list of favourite trios who have changed the world for good. Three is a magic number and at Les Trois Garcons you can be part of an evening that will leave you in awe. The famous restaurant and celeb haunt is the perfect place to experience fantastic fine-dining in a fun setting and with today's Groupon you can be a part of it all: three courses at Les Trois Garcons for just £18!

Leaving the Square Mile heading for trendy Shoreditch and Hoxton you will find Les Trois Garcons Restaurant. Inspired by luxury and executed with impeccable taste it is a place to marvel. The dark interior is softened by candle light and the reflective sparkles emanating from the chandeliers. There is attention to detail in all aspects of this restaurant. The main room seats 75 and is regularly frequented by celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Jade Jagger and Gilbert & George.

The menu is packed full of flavour, using top ingredients and classic French technique to form the modern approach to the enjoyment of food. This is fine-dining without it being stuffy. The menu is the main focus and they believe that creativity and innovation will keep Les Trois Garcons at the forefront of the London dining scene. With today's Groupon you get to indulge in three fantastic courses from the a la carte Menu. Choosing just the three can prove to be quite tough but we suggest that you simply cannot miss the indulgent dark chocolate and praline millefeuille with confit sultanas and raisins, tea ice cream and coconut ‘croquant’. Absolutely delicious!

Some of our favourite trios:

- Bacon, lettuce and tomato
- The Three Ninjas
- Huey, Dewey and Louie McDuck
- The Three Amigos
- Indiana Jones Films (last one doesn't count!)
- These three puppies

What people are saying...

"Took my wife as a surprise to Les Trois Garcons as she had always wanted to go after i told her how great it was when i visited with work. She was over the moon with the whole evening. The service was impeccable and with a smile all the way through. We really appreciated that they took the time to explain all the dishes to us before we ordered and as they were putting it down on the table. The food was really tasty and imaginatively presented. The combinations were interesting. My wife commented that it was one of the nicest meals she has had for a long time."


"Mains proved equally accomplished: saddle of rabbit came with a liver- and kidney-stuffed roulade and rich, creamy polenta; and thick, tender slices of Herdwick lamb were matched with braised shallots, spätzle and an unctuous, star anise-spiked carrot purée. Service is impeccable, with tap water delivered graciously, along with relatively affordable recommendations from the weighty wine list. A fiercely popular venue."


"Duck breast stuffed with black truffles, cannon of lamb with a curry and chocolate sauce, and halibut with spring pea purée, shimji mushrooms, grapes and tarragon jus taste as exquisite as they look. The beautiful staff deserve praise too, for their warmth and knowledgeable service. "




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I made this point on half a dozen deals placed by the same person a couple of weeks ago. I thought self serving posting wasn't allowed and as so many Groupon / Groupola / KGB deals come from the same person and get voted cold what is going on here?

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You'll find amibees has been here since 2006 and knocked up 10666 deals. So saying this person works for MyCityDeal, which hasn't been at the time is a bit misleading.

In any case, I stand by what I've been saying all along. Don't expect good customer service from them. They just want your money and don't keep their word.

Clearly I don't know whether she / he does get anything out of all these deals being posted or not and I apologise unreservedly for any undeserved offence. However, I look at the number of deals and how many that get voted cold and how many folks complain about the number of them and one begins to think - why don't they just stop?

Probably people vote these cold because the've been stung by them. I haven't voted because I some of the deals are genuine, I just don't like the way it's run.

It is a bit suspicious. You are right. But it could be because these deals come nearly daily, and this is perhaps a good way of raking in ones deals count. I wouldn't bother if I'm getting so many cold votes, but how else can you accumulate over 10000 deals.
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