18 Rolls Of Andrex Toilet Paper for £4.50 @ Tesco

18 Rolls Of Andrex Toilet Paper for £4.50 @ Tesco

Found 25th Jul 2009
Daily Mail on Page 40 has a £1.50 discount voucher on a £6 spend on toilet rolls.


Get 18 Rolls of Andrex for £4.50; add 80p for the cost of the paper.
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thats a really good offer, don't understand why its going cold unless its because its been added late at night and too late to get the paper or generally people don't like the daily mail??????????????
i thought this was hot also?
I haven`t voted but I`m guessing you have to spend however much the daily mail is to save £1.50 as not really worth the effort unless you buy toilet rolls by the mountain load.

Just seen you had put the paper is 80p.So in real terms a saving of about 4p per roll
Was this in Saturday's Mail, where they had the pagefull of coupons? I tossed mine, as most of them were for higher spend, on stuff that I don't normally buy so much of, doh! Good deal otherwise, if you're buying the paper.
The Mail is a toilet roll. :thumbsup:

The Mail is a toilet roll. :thumbsup:

I'd rather wipe my behind with something that's not already full of ****.
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