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£18 worth of Boots No.7 cosmetics for £4.50
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£18 worth of Boots No.7 cosmetics for £4.50

Posted 26th Sep 2012Available: National
Thanks to Money Saving Expert for this one. Seems to be a great deal.

This is how you grab it…

1. First you have to spend £5 in-store to get the voucher. This can be on anything, so ideally use it for something you need.

2. Once done, you'll get two vouchers, one for £5-off No.7 skincare and one for £3-off No.7; make-up.

3. Then use the vouchers in conjunction with the current 3for2 offer on most No.7 products. You must buy at least one skincare item and one make-up item. As make-up's much cheaper than skincare, picking two make-up items and one skincare will maximise the 3for2 saving.

For example: One pack of £7 facial wipes (for skincare), plus two £5.50 nail varnishes (for make-up), without promotions, comes to £18. However, the 3for2 will remove the price of one nail varnish. Then use your vouchers to take £5 off the wipes and £3 off the remaining varnish. This will take your grand total to £4.50.

4. Bump up the £4.50 spend to £5 with something cheap (preferably something you need), and you'll get two more No.7 vouchers!

The detail: The offer excludes gift sets, electrical beauty, beauty services, gifts marked with the green Christmas stickers and reduced-price items. Also, only one voucher can be redeemed per item.

MSE Charlotte says: Of course, you don't have to get face wipes and 2x nail polishes, that's just the cheapest we've seen. To ensure the saving is big stick to the one skincare, two make-up items rule; and ensure the cheapest item isn't far cheaper than the next dearest. It's best to get the things you are missing out of your make-up kit rather than items you don't need just because it's the cheapest option.
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great post, will try. thanks op
I don't need make up at the moment, but a very good idea! Heat added!!
The last time i had a voucher for no7 it said it cant be used with any other offer so I didnt even bother trying. Are you sure it can be used?
Each time previously this offer has been on and including last week when i used the vouchers for the mens No.7 they will not combine the vouchers instore and have to put each one through individually.
Used this last week to save £5 on Mens No. 7 shave gel which is currently on a 3 for 2 deal.
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The last time i had a voucher for no7 it said it cant be used with any … The last time i had a voucher for no7 it said it cant be used with any other offer so I didnt even bother trying. Are you sure it can be used?

It says it on the back but scanned through at the checkout fine and the cashier said nothing about it.
not really £18 worth for £4.50 as you have to spend a fiver to get the vouchers.
more like £23 worth for £9.50, but still very good
Not worth the hassle IMO

& you're actually spending £9.50 anyway
how long till expiry of both voucher and offer?
7th October for both
still , i wouldnt spend £4.50 on face wipes and 2 nail varnishes, this no.7 thing is just boots fancy brand, they are always on promotion since they launched, and by the way all that hussle for what you get, no no
I agree with the comment that it's really £9.50 but most days I get a boots meal deal (another great deal if you have to buy lunch!) so buy 2 meal deals (one for tomorrow!) and you get the vouchers!

Don't forget to use advantage card too!
I already have 3 lots of the vouchers from previous shops, so will go and give it a go thanks
Or it would work out cheaper to just use a voucher on each item, I find I accumulate a lot of the vouchers anyway.
I have used mine on brushes too. Picked up lots of freebies as I shop in boots regular and accumulate the £5 off no 7 vouchers.
Thanks op, I didn't know you could use both offers. Just got £48 worth for £23 in 2 transactions

Just a heads up. Both Boots in Swansea have apparently heard off head office to stop accepting both vouchers in the 3for2 because of what it says on the back.
Pressume its an enail being rolled out to each store?
You need to make sure the skin care item is a higher price than your other items otherwise the offer takes that as your free item and you can not use both vouchers. Great deal. Did it a few times last week.
Does not work, they will not use both vouchers together, will only use one of the vouchers so cold!
I spent over £5 in Boots today but did not get the £ off voucher! boo
Worked for me today! Just bought the skincare wipes, a mascara and an eye pencil. The 342 kicked in then I gave the lady the £5 voucher and the £3 voucher. Both were accepted so I got the lot for £11 which was less than the price of the most expensive item. It should have cost £25.50! I also got another voucher to do it all again if I wanted!!!

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I tried and got rejected
I bought no7 face wipes & 2 nail polishes for £4.50, the sales assistant told me that the stores have all received emails telling them not to accept the tokens with the 3 for 2 deal but as my assistant was such a lovely lady she put it through the till for me & said that they shouldn't give out the tokens to customers if they don't want them to take advantage! I'm going back 2moro to buy more nail polishes but I'm getting the skin radiance exfoliator instead
Boots have now stopped this due to greedyness of people but can stikk use one voucher on 3 for 2
I did this yesterday, and the day before and it worked for me. Mind you I have enough wipes & eye liners so must resist going again!
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