180-Piece Drill Bits Set - £9.99 + £2.50 p&p @ Maplins ! + Quidco
180-Piece Drill Bits Set - £9.99 + £2.50 p&p @ Maplins ! + Quidco

180-Piece Drill Bits Set - £9.99 + £2.50 p&p @ Maplins ! + Quidco

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180-Piece Drill Bit Set

A selection of twist, wood and masonry drill bits
Includes bit holder and power nuts
Supplied in a roll bag

36 x titanium coated HSS twist drills
33 x wood working drill bits
34 x masonry drill bits
6 x flat wood working drill bits
10 x power nuts
3 x HSS twist drill with hex shank
13 x 2-inch bits
44 x 1-inch bits
Bit holder
Roll bag

I guess they won't be any near of the top brands quality but probably should be better than B&Q etc own brands?
Haven't bought them myself yet but seems quite a reasonable price for DIY purposes.

Thanks to A-n-d-y for reminding about QUIDCO!

You can either call your store and order it - so they will deliver it and you can pick up - saving of £2.50 or get it online with quidco and p&p.


I used to work for a drill bit manufacture and cheap drill bits are great for none commercial use. Obviously if you are going to drill everyday then you are just as well off using chocolate ones as these.

Main problem we had when people called up and said our drill bits was cr4p is that they used a masonry bit into metal. I would guess these are the same quality as the B&Q own brand. If you have a basic cordless drill then you will probably never get enough power to destroy one of these bits easily (assuming correct usage). A corded drill with hammer action then you may destroy the bit but the case is handy enough to just go and replace the bit if you need it again. And if you know you are gonna need that size again then you get a decent make but the chances are that the next size up or down will be good enough home DIY use. And I'm not sure about any1 else but you feel more manly when you've destroyed some drill bits putting up a simple shelf. Its a job well done! Anyway, I digress...

So yeah - decent price. I saw they had a 210 bit for £12.99 but there is no real point, this will sort DIY needs.

When they blunt these drills will cause more wear & tear on the drill than they are worth. as well as that they can easily screw up a good peice of work when they shatter (which they will do more easily as you will be exerting more pressure on them.).
Constant sharpening of these drills is required.

Bear that in mind and they are worth it.

The great thing about these sort of sets is they have one of just about everything you are ever going to need. So when that odd job come up you can get it done without a trip to the shops, so it has paid for itself on that one job.

If you have an ongoing need for a particular size or a big job like a hole in some concrete/wall then you need a decent bit for the job.

Looks great to me, and I agree with geedamg. I have bought these types of sets in the past, then when one goes blunt, you just replace it with a decent branded one.
The roll bag looks good - this alone would set you back £5 in most DIY stores.

bargain , grr paid £5 just yesterday for about 5 drill bits
Brought a cheap cordless drill and the damm drill bits what came with it kept breaking off in the wall ....well im no diy expert

Dont forget you get 4% cashback with Quidco

13 x 2-inch bits
44 x 1-inch bits

What are these ??


13 x 2-inch bits44 x 1-inch bitsWhat are these ??

Screwdriver bits me thinks

postage is showing as £2.99

Look ok for price, as said the roll is worth a few quid.... hot :thumbsup:



Funny thing about these are I only use 4, 5 and 6. Concrete walls in my place, I went through 3 bits putting up 3 floating shelves with 12 holes and my big gun keeps going so you dunno when youve chewed through them till its too late.

I needs a deal on concrete ones, but I keep buying cheap packs like this because I know 1 decent bit would cost the same and I can get maybe 2 of each size I need from this and if Im lucky I will get several uses from them.

If its brick and plaster your going into though these are fine. Also good for computer case modding.

I brought this from B&Q last christmas for about £26.
For everyday use its great, it contains more than one of each size drill bit, and they do seem well made. i've since used it lots for drilling metal, wood & masonry.
For this price, I totally recommend it. :thumbsup:

for £3 more @ £12.99, Maplins are also selling the 215 bit set -

direct link

Happy days, just order the 180 piece set. Moving into my first house in a few weeks so trying to get alot of tools etc together so this is perfect for my DIY uses.

Voted hot

PS. you can pay through paypal with maplin, even handier!
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