1800 Ultra Gold Screws @ Wickes

1800 Ultra Gold Screws @ Wickes

Found 6th Jan 2016
In the clearance section of the Stevenage branch I found an assorted box of Ultra Gold Screws (1800) for £28. They come in individual plastic boxes within a larger container with a handle.

It contains 12 different types with bigger amounts for the most popular sizes. For example 4x40mm there is 200 (£6 for 200 normally) and 5.0x10mm there is 75 (£12.49 for 100 normally).

Being very pessimistic, with each box worth about £5, this pack should be £60 so £28 seems good to me.
Community Updates
Gold cant be worth the disgusting price it is if they can coat screws with it.
Screwfix have Goldscrew, Quicksilver, or Silverscrew Grab Packs Pk 1000 for £9.99 and Turbogold Grab Pack Pk1000 for £19.99:
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