1.8L whistling copper finish kettle £7.99 Argos

1.8L whistling copper finish kettle £7.99 Argos

Found 14th Aug 2016Made hot 14th Aug 2016
Was looking for a camping kettle but came across this in Argos.

Bought it yesterday and it's really nice and feels well made unlike camping kettles I've seen in shops for more money.

Missus likes it that much she's gonna use it at home and just reserved another for her mum


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Don't know why picture isn't loading

Is this the same as the one posted about a week ago?
Good price though and even if it is worth reminding people.

Couple of reviews saying it looked great to begin with but the copper finish wore off in no time

Gas may take longer to boil but it is so much cheaper than electricity for hot water, if you have a main network gas fed combi boiler take hot from the tap and boil up, much quicker. Irons and kettles are electricity burners.

Hot alone for the substantial savings.

I remember a 'Mythbusters' style article, can't find the link now, that covered this. The consensus was pretty much a draw between the cost of boiling water using an electric element in a plastic kettle vs a gas flame heating a metal kettle. The energy lost to the atmosphere on the hob made the gas route much less efficient even if cheaper by the kWh.

this was posted the other day

If you want one for camping, sports direct have a 1l one (enough for 3/4 cups really) for £2.50.

Useful at festivals!

Does this whistle the Yankee doodle dandee ?

Thanks for this
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