Posted 19 December 2022

1.8m Extension Lead with USB Slots, 8 Way Outlets 4 USB(1 USB-C and 3 USB-A Port) - £14.94 with code, sold by ADDTAM @ Amazon

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【8 Way Extension Lead & Widely Spaced】 8 AC outlets (Total 3250W) and 4 USB charging ports is of great convenience and use for your home and office electrical appliances. Widely spaced outlets are separated enough to fit big adapters without blocking each other.

【USB C Fast Charge】4 USB ports total 3.1A, each USB A port featuring 2.4A Max output. USB C charging port 3A MAX, and come with smart charging technology detects your connected USB devices and adjusts current output for the optimal charge which can reach faster charging efficiency. NOTE:The USB-C port doesn't support Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro or any other devices which needs 14~22V charging voltage.

【1800J Surge Protection & Multi Protection】Surge protection circuit has a minimum energy absorption capacity of 1800 joules. It will ensure your electronics are safeguarded from lighting, surge and voltage spikes. (The "SURGE PROTECTED" soft indicator light on to show your devices are protected). The multi plug also protected against over-voltage, over-current, overload, short-circuiting. High-quality fire-resistant PC material and standard copper design makes it fireproof up to 1382℉.

【Unique Mountable Design】Screw fixation design enables it to be mounted on a wall or fixed it on the desk easily. No need to measure and guess where you had to attach screws to mount this. Wide space between each outlet, which avoids plugs blocking.

【Childproof Design & Upgraded Braided Extension Cord】 Child-protective safety door keep children safe from electric shock of careless touching. The 1.8 Meters long extension cord is made of pure copper, which is very thick and has better current carrying capacity (13A). The braided power cord is not easy to deform, durable and more safety.
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    Personally, I wouldn't be buying any offbrand extensions from amazon. Blatent safety issues on some I've had. Spend a bit extra on something reputable.


    Is this eller allowed on here? Addtam? (edited)
    Came here to say exactly that - incredibly poor quality and I actually unplug it when leaving the house for longer periods because I don't trust it..
    Bought exactly this model for £15 months ago and wouldn't buy it again even if it was £10..
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    I need a 8x socket plugboard but a lot of tech gadget plugs are non standard size these days so will likely over shoot the allocated space, making many sockets non-useable. They need to stagger the sockets or just make it really long instead of short and wide.
    Yeah it's a bad design. So easy to just stagger them but they never do.
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    This looks in NO WAY a reputable brand that is safe to use. It's NOT rated to BS 1363/A which is the safety standards of the UK and is not on the BSI register!! AVOID!!
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    This says 3250 w, but a uk socket will only take 2990w otherwise thats overloading right?
    This looks in NO WAY a reputable brand that is safe to use. It's NOT rated to BS 1363/A which is the safety standards of the UK and is not on the BSI register!! AVOID!!
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    I have a similar looking offbrand 6-socket extension lead, ordered from amazon. It only gets occasional use for hifi system so no real power load going through it. The only thing I would say is that the design of the side-by-side plug sockets and the sockets that are opposite each other don't leave much space for plugs that are larger than a standard 3pin plug design. E.g. if you have a 3pin plug which is perhaps a charger lead with the cable coming out of the top edge or is wider in some way, you can't seat a plug opposite it.
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    This Belkin, of similar design, is only £6 more. Might be worth paying the extra for something you'll be using for many years.

    Yep, much better. And I think curry's actually pays some UK tax when they're in the mood.
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    I'm using this right now for my entire desk setup. No issues, had it for 6+ months.
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    "Protect children *form* electric shock"
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    I got one of these the other day and although I can’t vouch for the performance or safety, it looks really nice and feels much better build then I was anticipating
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    8 Sockets and a KETTLE CORD, what could possibly go wrong
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