18m free/18m contract - Mobileshop.com Nokia 3120
18m free/18m contract - Mobileshop.com  Nokia 3120

18m free/18m contract - Mobileshop.com Nokia 3120

Hi all,

Hope this has not been posted already, if so just delete it.

Noticed that Mobileshop.com have an 18 month free deal on an 18 month contract - £540 cashback over the term on o2, 400 anytime mins/100 texts with a Nokia 3120 claim in months 6, 10, 14, 16, 17 and 18.

Go through Quidco for £25.

Small profit to be had if you go through Quidco.
Think you have to pay £0.99 per month for itemised billing.

I have been with this lot before & had no problems with cashback apart from waiting upto 3 moths for my cashback but received it all in the end without having to chase them up.

Hope this is of some help to someone out there?


you can get a much better phone with the same sorta deal with free line rental!

voted COLD!:santa:

True, but Mobileshop are reliable and have a very uncomplicated, straightforward cashback system and this seems to be one of the best tariff deals at present.

Voting HOT.

Thanks for the pointer mitsub and feedback guys

Yes MobileShop.com is one of the few retailers I'll trust with cash back claims and for those who get fed up changing contract every 12 months this gives more time before having to switch again.

On the down side, you don't get a shiny new phone after 12 months...

Go to the link in my signature VVV to leave/read feedback for the retailers and for information on unlocking, contracts, etc.

True but then if you like your mobiles this model probably isn't going to woo you in the first place

Voted HOT.

Ideal for someone on a tight budget and will be organised with cashbacks.

I myself have done cashback contract with mobileshop.com
Flexible terms (not as good as CPW but then noone else is, but CPW deals cannot match this, ) and flexible staff who were very good with me so I recommend them.

Highly recommend mobileshop.com. Always pay the cashback and, if you don't like the phone, sell it or trade it in with envirofone and use the cash to pay towards the phone you really want.

Voted hot - reliable cashback retailer and good deal.

They are also doing the Nokia 1600, 2310 & 2610 on the same deal. Again not the sexiest of phones but for a no fuss phone from a reputable cashback dealer, you can't argue.

No doubt someone will ;-)

On this offer what would you have to pay for 0870 and 0845 numbers?
Am I right in reading calls to any mobile can be included in the 400 minutes?
Deal looks good to me.

0870 & 0845 are included, see here ;


Free minutes are for " Landline, Same Network & Cross Network "

Thanks for the link 'mig', I already get free calls on my talktalk broadband deal but I have to pay for 0870 calls and sometimes they can't be avoided.
Also calls to mobiles would be covered by 400 minutes call time.
Thanks also to mitsub for OP.

Reliable cashback, but a year or so ago they had the same phone with a 12 months line rental, 12 months free deal! Ahh... I miss the good ol days
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