18v cordless power tool set £65 Asda in store.

18v cordless power tool set £65 Asda in store.

LocalFound 30th Nov 2014
18v Drill / Driver
18v Impact Driver
18v Circular saw
18v jig saw
18v light
2 x 18v batteries
1 hour fast charger.
Plus accessory pack
On display for £69 but scanning through at £65.
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The only downside to this set is the drill doesn't have a hammer action option, so no good for masonry drilling.
Got one of these in Asda tonight. They are £65 on the shelf now and the box isnt blue anymore, its been changed to the ryobi green and the tools are green and black. Same list of contents though.
I was looking for an impact driver and the spec of this one is 145nm which is a lot better than the usual budget ones at around 90nm (like the silverline ones) and the whole pack costs about as much.

Quality wise i was expecting the worst and after you open the box you are presented with a bunch of generic white cardboard boxes with various components stamped on top.
Once open though they are surprisingly ok. Everything is soft touch rubberised and the plastics are all pretty decent.
They aren't the lightest tools i've owned due to the batteries being quite bulky, but they aren't too bad.

The circular saw is a little 135mm , so fine for <2" wood and is a wood only blade. nice and portable for small jobs.

Not used any of them in anger yet so can't comment much further.

The torch is also very bright and will make a good worklight.
Could you please upload a bigger photo of the tools.

Could you please upload a bigger photo of the tools.

Thanks mod
Hi, What is the scpecification of the impact driver e.g 'No load speed' also how strong (nm) is the drill.

Thank you,
Ahh, just realised on the picture it says Ni-Cd on the battery. I am after a Li-ion set. Nevermind....
Yeah the Ni-cd batteries are the biggest downside to the set, but they are 1275's and equivalent Li-on cheap devices are only on 1300's.
I fully expect when the batteries go then everything goes in the bin as finding replacements will be impossible.
Does anyone know where i can get replacement battery and jigsaw blades from for this? I cant find a power it website
Bought this set i might contact asda to see where i can get batterys
Is it posible to by extra batteries thanks

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