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19 Crimes Red Wine Case of 6 x 75cl - £35.94 @ Amazon (£5.99 a bottle)

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6 bottles for £35.94 at Amazon - works out at £5.99 a bottle.

19 Crimes Red Wine Case of 6 x 75cl from South Eastern Australia (13.5% ABV). Full and round on the palate with a distinct sweetness giving a rich and round mouthfeel. Vanilla is carried through on the palate, with subtle flavours of chocolate and cedar spice. This wine pairs well with Smoky BBQ Ribs, Braised Beef and smoked seitan steaks. Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled. Best served now, but can be stored for up to 2 years. 19 Crimes wine celebrates Australia's infamous origin, and the stories of these men and women convicts-turned colonists. 19 Crimes is defiant by nature, bold in character, and always uncompromising.
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    Never tried any of this brand before, some people say it’s very sweet? Anyone tried the rose version? Thanks in advance
    I'm diabetic and it's the only wine I've ever had that has made my blood sugar levels go through the roof.
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    Very sweet. Not a single grape as such. It's tailored towards the casual consumer I'd say
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    I need to be giving this wine a try. So many seem to be chatting about it at the moment
    Best comparison I can give is it's the wine version of an alcopop. But I realise many like the range.
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    Worst bottle I've ever tasted. Personal preference but wouldn't drink this if free
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    Having done a bottle of this in last night I can verify that the hangover is not too bad: slight headache, very dry mouth, subtle undertones of regret.
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    Another crime against wine.

    Honestly wouldn't pay more that £4 a bottle and even then it would be used to make mulled wine perhaps or a dash in the cooking.

    Anyone who drinks this stuff neat is committing a crime (edited)
    Would love to hear your wine recommendations…?
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    Personally, I really like the taste of this wine. Guess I'm in the minority with the other 800+ 5star reviews of this wine on Amazon </sarcasm>. Seriously though, if you're curious, don't pay attention to some people on this thread. It tastes good.
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    Brilliant find just what I need for my party on Friday , an okay cheap wine.
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    Same price in Asda
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    Awful wine, very cheap tasting. And the cork is so soft it crumbed as I put the screw in!
    So so so so true
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    Rough as hell
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    It’s always somewhere or at a supermarket for £6 a bottle and more hassle having to be in to sign for an alcohol delivery from Amazon. Nice wine though 😋
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    I approve => purchased! Thanks OP!
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    Keeps coming back to order.
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    Has run out before I hit the buy box
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    I’ve got the Snoop Dogg bottle of red.
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    The label states that it is bottled in the UK, so it must arrive here in large vats.
    I'm sure it arrives in a Renault Kangoo.
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    Usually can be found around this price or cheaper in some supermarkets. It's sweet, but I like it. If you like Jam Shed or Barefoot Jammy Red then this is for you.
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    I went to Asda yesterday. £5.99 a bottle, but has a picture of a skeleton on it so not very Christmassy. Can't give that as a gift, especially not to the dog walker.
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    £6 in Morrisons and £7 in Tesco just now
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    Watered down port. Not everyone's cuppa tea but ya can't find many wines as smooth as this at this price.
    Content I got it on the Sainsbury's offer a while ago..about 4quid a bottle.
    Happy days!
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    White wine slightly cheaper at £31.50 for 6
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    Heat from me thanks!!
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    £5.25. At Tesco. ( buy 6 )
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