19" LCD Freeview Digital TV 'InspiRed' Black £97.86 Sainsburys

19" LCD Freeview Digital TV 'InspiRed' Black £97.86 Sainsburys

Found 27th Jun 2009
Instore Was 169

Priced at 99.99 but reported as scanning at 97.86 with VAT reduction
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are these any good as my folks want something along these lines for there bedroom
I think for the price you can't do much better. The one I saw was very dark, but I think it looked badly setup to me. It you are interest I would go and check one out in store and play around with picture settings. But for £100 its almost rude not to!

Resolution is 1440 x 900

Thanks, heat and rep.
it is tempting.
Hmmm now that is tempting!! Has anyone got one of these sets who can advise on quality.
I have 2 of the Red 19" LCD's, the ones I have were actually replaced by this model - so can't comment specifically on these but quality ok and have had no problems with my 2 15 months on.....my mums after a small TV - will be nipping down to Sainsburys to try and grap one of these.....feel the heat!
Looks suspicious like an 'Acoustic Solutions' badged Argos job.
Had one for a while. Very wide bezel around the screen and woeful remote.

Probably worth £99 though.
nice post

Anyone know if this is wall mountable? as the mrs is looking for a 19 inch with freeview for the kitched but wants it on the wall.
I got one of these yesterday and its great, it was a little dark on the picture but turn up the brightness and its fine, the only thing is the EPG wont page down you have to go line by line. Also if you know some one who works there you can get 10% off !!!
I had one of these and returned it to the store for a refund - Kept losing the freeview channels. They may stay for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, but they kept clearing off! Some might argue it doesn't take long to re-scan for the channels, but i couldn't be bothered to put up with it!
Are these widescreen? Perhaps that's why they are so cheap...?
excellent find heat and rep added bought it today and it comes in at £97.86 because of the "vat reduction" so an even better bargain - looks a nice little unit

edit yes its widesreen had to adjust my sky box settings from 4:3 to 16:9 when I hooked it up to replace a 17 year old 14" grundig portable (that still works btw!)
not been on here for ages,happy to come across this ,for so little money,can anybody point me in the right direction for a suitable wall mountable bracket?????or do they sell them sainsburys?????
They did have some reduced wall brackets on Saturday but can't remember prices/sizes. however Amazon is often cheap for these.
Loads left in Bristol Emersons Green store. Also a version with integral DVD for £129.99 after £60 reduction on rrp.
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