19" LCD TV and DVD combi £99 @ Currys Logik L19LIDI9 black 19" refurbished iPod docking

19" LCD TV and DVD combi £99 @ Currys Logik L19LIDI9 black 19" refurbished iPod docking

Found 6th Oct 2009
Logik L19LIDI9 black 19" refurbished iPod docking digital LCD TV and DVD combi

Comes with 12 month warrenty

They also have 22" for £119
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Could you give me the link to the 22" one please

Could you give me the link to the 22" one please

do these come boxed?

do these come boxed?

They do come boxed, but not always in their original box
Shame they never seem to have wall mountable ones cheap!
Still plenty left in stock
Does anyone have a link to how Currys deal with refurbed warranty problems? IE I've bought one but what will happen if it craps its self in the 1st year?
awesome thanks
Has anyone ever bought a refurb telly from Currys ?
I'd like to buy a small tv for a present but if it turns up half knackered to start it will kill this deal for me.

What does this exactly mean ? i.e. what was wrong in the first place ?

THIS IS A REFURBISHED TV AND COMES WITH A FULL 12 MONTHS WARRANTY. It has been professionally checked, tested, refurbished to a like new standard and offered to you at a fantastic saving.

Still plenty left in stock

There should be!! I remember when these came out when I worked for currys. They made 1000's of these tellys, we had to have a room of the rooms in the stock room dedicated to these tv's alone! They sold them for a rather inflated price something like £299 if i remember when they were new, they made a good mark up on them, now good to see them at a more realistic price even if they are refurbs for an average telly. Can't go wrong for £100 Hot! :thumbsup:
2.5% quidco also
Does this have hdmi connectivity?
Is it wall mountable?

Does the touch10 code work for a tenner off?

Got a refurb from Dixons recently (same group) and it was shocking - I mean I know its a refurb but it looked like it had been kicked around someones floor for a week!
It was not, "to a like new standard"! Be aware
both out of stock !
Looks like all gone. I went for it and status says the following

Order status:

Stock Query - we will UPDATE you shortly by email or phone
Just called and was told stock may come in within next month or so.

They have already Debited me so I told them to cancel immediately.

Not good
Mine arrived today - seems good as new, only sign that it's a refurb is a sticker on the box. Many thanks to the OP
Both 22" and 19" available again. Just ordered a 22".
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