19 nights around Europe including Helsinki and Stockholm for £396.63 including flights, buses, ferries and hostels @ Expedia

19 nights around Europe including Helsinki and Stockholm for £396.63 including flights, buses, ferries and hostels @ Expedia

Found 13th Sep 2016
19 nights backpacker solo trip around Europe for £396.63 including flight, buses, ferries and hostels.

I've based this trip on 1 adult flying out of Stansted into Riga on Wednesday 12th October returning from Kaunas on 31st October. You will be flying with Ryanair and Norwegian who allow 10kg hand luggage and a additional handbag.

You will be staying in Riga for 4 nights and Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Vilnius and Kaunas for 3 nights.

This trip is only for travellers who are willing to stay in hostels with shared bathroom, if you want your own bathroom you will find you will pay excessively more, especially in the Scandinavian countries. I have based this trip on a solo backpacker who wants to experience life around Europe in hostels meeting other backpackers.

All of the hostels have amazing reviews on TripAdvisor and amazing locations. Some of the hotels have single rooms or single beds but the majority are bunk beds in forms of 8 people. You can easily change the hostels for same sex etc however this may bump the price up.

This deal only includes a 10kg hand luggage with an additional handbag but this is sufficient for the type of backpacker trip that this is.

Trip Breakdown

12th - 16th October

You will land into Riga around mid morning giving you the rest of the day to play with. You will be spending 4 nights in Riga staying in the 2* Red Nose Hostel which has an average of 4/5 stars on TripAdvisor. The hostel is in a great location and is a single bed in a mixed 6 bedroomed dorm with a shared bathroom.

16th - 19th October

Catch the LUX express bus to Tallinn which takes just over 4 hours but isn't you're normal bus. It has onboard entertainment and is super comfy. If you prefer to fly it'll cost you around £50 compared to this bargain €5 bus! You will be staying in Tallinn Backpackers for 3 nights which is located in the Old Town. It has 4.5/5 stars on TripAdvisor and will be staying in a bed in an 8 bed dormitory room.

19th - 22nd October

Head to the ferry terminal to head over to Helsinki on the Tallink ferry. It takes just under 3 hours and is a nice crossing. It's beautiful when pulling into the harbour in Helsinki.

I've chosen the 2* Hostel Diana Park as it has an excellent location in the heart of the city. You will be staying for for 3 nights and it has an average of 4/5 stars on TripAdvisor and it is a bed in a mixed dormitory room of 8 people.

22nd - 25th October

Jump on the short flight over to Stockholm for the next 3 nights. The quickest way into the city is the Arlanda express however this train is super pricey!

I've chosen the 2* Hostel Dalagatan which is in a fabulous location and is the number 1 hostel to stay in on TripAdvisor with over 320 excellent reviews! You will be in an 8 bed mixed dormitory.

25th - 28th October

Head on another short flight over to Vilnius and stay here for 3 nights. I've chosen the great Pilies 16 hostel which has an average of 4.5/5 stars on TripAdvisor. It is located on the Main Street of the old town and you will be staying in a 7 bedroom mixed dormitory.

28th - 31st October

Head to the bus station and jump on the bus to Kaunas which takes around an hour and a half.

You will be staying in The Monks Bunk for 3 nights, it is located on the Main Street of Kaunas and has great reviews with 5/5 on TripAdvisor and being the number one hostel on the site. The room is a bed in and 8 bed mixed dormitory.

Many of the hostels I have chosen have washing machines so you can wash your clothes so you can keep your hand luggage to a minimum. Many of them also have common areas and kitchens of you want to cook to keep costs down.

If you don't like the look of any of the hostels I've chosen there are so many other to choose from for around the same price!

Price breakdown

Flights to Riga booked with Ryanair - £19.99

Riga hostel booked with Expedia - £36.41 *voucher codes don't work with this hotel*

Bus from Riga to Tallinn booked with luxexpress.eu - £4.27 (€5)

Tallinn hostel booked with Booking.com - £27

Ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki booked with Tallink.com - £27.30 (€32)

Helsinki hostel booked with Expedia - £74.16

Flights from Helsinki to Stockholm booked with Norwegian - £25.80

Stockholm hostel booked with Booking.com - £70

Flights from Stockholm to Vilnius booked with Norwegian - £28.20

Vilnius hostel booked through Booking.com - £14

Bus from Vilnius to Kaunas booked through autobusubilietai.lt - £4.69 (€5.50)

Kaunas hostel booked through Booking.com - £28

Flight from Kaunas to Stansted booked with Ryanair - £36.84 (€43.19)

Total price - £396
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Hi, do you have a URL for this?
WOW are you doing this or do you just like putting deals together. This is amazing and shows you can travel cheaply, although I'm sure many won't like the mixed dorm. I prefer to staying hostels but I usually get a private room which always bumps the price right up.
hostels are a great way to travel. You meet so many fantastic people. Some wallys too. But, you can always ditch them. Solo travelling is amazing. Heat added. May have to cut my contract short for this, bargain.
before you buy this trip see the movie hostel.
still a great deal.
Very tempted. Not October maybe next year January.
Well done for spending so much time pulling all that together! Very tempted, still to explore that part of Europe!
Excellent, thank you. Hostels are generally very good these days and you meet all sorts of interesting people (although you're only in their company for a wee while). Tallinn's lovely and easy to walk around or tram it; I was there in February. This is a great package, well researched. If you join the YHA you can often get a discount on hostel stays, if they are members of IHA.
Heat for all the effort and detail. You could make money doing this. I imagine (and hope) you already are!
Just back from Stockholm. Arlanda Express is expensive for indivdual tickets, but they do decent discounts for multiple tickets. If you're travelling alone, you can get the Uppsala train for about half of the cost. Arlanda Express takes about 20mins and the commuter train about 45mins tops. Both immaculately clean and ultra efficient. Stockholm is a great city.

Just back from Stockholm. Arlanda Express is expensive for indivdual … Just back from Stockholm. Arlanda Express is expensive for indivdual tickets, but they do decent discounts for multiple tickets. If you're travelling alone, you can get the Uppsala train for about half of the cost. Arlanda Express takes about 20mins and the commuter train about 45mins tops. Both immaculately clean and ultra efficient. Stockholm is a great city.

Was a great city.
Nice headline price but shared dorm rooms??? oO

And how do you survive end of Autumn temperatures in Northern Europe with only 10KG luggage allowances?
cold - hostels

Very tempted. Not October maybe next year January.

If you going to Lithuania you should go to nida for sure
Only three things I don't like about this deal - buses, hostels and Scandinavian winters. Otherwise hot
Wow that is an amazing trip, so cheap, especially for Scandanavia!!
Also just visited Stockholm.

Arlanda had a deal when we were there which reduces the cost, have a look on their site for the summer offer.

General thoughts on Stockholm (much like Oslo) was 2 days there is enough, Gamla Stan is nice and the area south of that popular with coffee shops etc.

Beware though, like most of scandi you'll need deep pockets to enjoy it:

£4/5 - Latte.
£6/8 - Beer.
£20 - Average main meal.

We found it incredibly expensive whilst there relative to the UK.
Good deal
I stayed in this hostel in Stockholm while doing a Scandinavian tour once. Basic but worth it


AF Chapman - book ahead as it's popular

Thanks Op. Love your deals. Planning one to Far east in April-may time myself
Upvoted immediately. Do as much travelling as you can in life, especially while you're young, under 30ish. You may never have the chance again in your lifetime. You can very rarely claw back those young, free'ish and single times when you get older and find yourself in a rut.

Personally I would head for warmer climes, choose your destination depending on the time of the year. It's actually quite hard to think of anywhere in the world more expensive than Scandinavia.

Cheaper destinations might be any other East, West or Southern European countries. Most of Asia with the exception of Japan. All of South and North America, almost all of Africa, Australasia. I believe Antarctica is a bit pricey.

The other thing I want to suggest is that backpacking gives you the freedom to go where you want, stay however long or little as you want in any particular place. You can find cheap travel and accommodation as you go with your smartphone and advice from fellow travellers.

I went on many Greek island hopping holidays. The best was for two weeks but I missed my flight home by one hour. I thought to myself, sod it, I resigned by telephone with a faked medical condition. I headed back to the islands. I stayed for six more weeks. Eight weeks island hopping. I could never do it now, I'm responsible for my dog and my wife.

Have fun while you can. As they say, "travel broadens the mind". For those with a steady partner, don't blow the average £25k on a marriage, travel together for a year and use a registry office.

p.s. I still upvote the OP, that's an incredible price for so much travel. I cannot imagine anybody putting together such a bargain package without weeks of research.


Disclosure: I'm 55 years old and will do this independent travelling again, well I sincerely hope so.
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Excellent adventure trip for the true traveller....Heat added
Great deal and well prepared altho I'd suggest doing this in summer-ish months. My homeland Latvia tends to be rainy and oh so booring in autumn whereas summer months are just amazing. Same would apply to Lithuania can't speak for Estonia.
Voted hot for the deal itself, and the huge amount of effort put in by the op
I love you. I'm finished with my job in 28th of September and after that I'm planning to do west highland way so after that this fits so much. Thank you!
I am 41. Too old to be in hostel among youngsters?
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