19" Tevion HDMI [720p] LCD TV

19" Tevion HDMI [720p] LCD TV

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Found 28th Sep 2007
Ok - so it's not going to be as good as the recently posted 19" Samsung; but for the price "jobs a good un'"

Available from this Sunday [30th]

Taken from the website:

This magnificent LCD TV has a superb quality picture that brings images to life in such a way that youll believe you can actually reach out and touch them. It also features the very latest advances in TV technology, which allows you multiple viewing and picture manipulation options. Integrated Philips DVB-T Tuner for receiving all free-to-air digital channels.

HD ready to 720p/1080i
Integrated digital tuner for receiving all free-to-air digital channels
1 × HDMI socket
10 page Teletext
Nicam stereo sound
7 day electronic programme guide
2 × 3W speakers
800:1 contrast ratio
300cd/m2 brightness
16:10 aspect ratio
1440 × 900 resolution
SCART input, S-video input, D-sub 15 pin input
Headphone socket
Free 3 year warranty and helpline
FREEVIEW included
All Tevion HD TVs now include built-in Freeview, which means you will have a greater number of Digital channels (and radio programmes) to choose from, in an instant. Plus, thanks to the RED button facility, you can interact with your TV, actually taking part in the programme youre watching.
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DSGi has the ]Logik 19" WH7 which seems to be similar spec for £179.99 in-store and online.
Oh yes - good call
The Tevion does have a 3yr warranty though and slightly better contrast and brightness values

I suspect you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two in actual use; but the warranty could swing it for some people.
I think the biggest difference is the logik does not have freeview and would be harder to return if unwanted.
Re- Piratematt

Subject- Tevion 19" LCD TV + DVD - 1943DT

The TV that you have reviewed looks pretty much like the one I recently bought from Aldi, but with a few differences, (the 1943DT has a contrast ratio of 1000:1 which I think is bit higher).

The picture is very good but I have had to connect a seperate digibox to it because the internal decoder does not pick up all of the channels that you would normally expect. These include Dave, (although for some strange reason it picks up the 1 hour later Dave ja vous!).

I also have problems picking up other ITV channels and sometimes get breakup on Channel 4 based programmes.

My signal strength is high, (at least 80db on the indicator/meter I have bought to test), so unless the setup doesn't like a high signal I don't know what to do.

The extra digibox works well with it and picks up everything including Dave and the ITV channels when the internal receiver fails.

Strangely enough, the extra digibox is also a Tevion which I bought from Aldi last year for about £39.99. So I am very confused.

Has anyone any ideas?
Bought one today from Aldi.
Couple of things:-

When watching TV there is a 'ticking' noise from the DVD player area. Once you hear it it makes watching a misery.
Put a DVD in and it disappears...
Take it out...back again.....didn't buy it to ONLY watch DVD's.

Also, the Freeview Tuner is Cr.../Rubbish.
Break up on all channels.
Was using cheap Alba stand-alone Tuner before and NO problems.
Saw that someone had decided to use a stand-alone Freeview box, instead of the built in....
Strange philosphy...like buying a Dog and barking yourself?

Have asked Aldi/Tevion agents ( Goodies ?) if this is 'normal' performance for the 1943 DT.
If they say NO, then I'll exchange it for another.
If they say YES, then I'll scuttle back for a Full Refund.

Bothers me that someone else finds the Freeview Tuner not very good.
Bought 3 Tevions about a year ago, one after the other, because of CR.. / Rubbish performance.
Never did stick with them, took them all back for Refund and bought Humax PVR with integrated Tuner.....Brilliant.

Will advise Goodies' response...if I get one.

Oh, and by the way...if you want to phone for advice on THEIR faulty equipment, it costs you 10p per MINUTE on the Fault line..
Makes Simon Cowell look like a Philanthropist.
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