19" widescreen tv with freeview and integrated DVD player £250

19" widescreen tv with freeview and integrated DVD player £250

Found 31st May 2007
First post so be gentle.
I have been after a small lcdtv with freeview and DVD player for a while and this looks to fit the bill at the price of a standard TV.

This Evesham's 19" Widescreen TV not only offers high brightness and contrast ratio but it comes complete with an Integrated DVD Player - great for the kitchen, bedroom or even on the move in a caravan or boat.


Built in analogue and Digital TV Tuners
High Brightness and contrast ratio
Wide viewing angel
Remote control
Integrated DVD player
1 year warranty
H47cm L43.1cm W20cm


Coming Soon! Please check back later to purchase.

I wonder when "soon" is exactly. Voted hot as that is an excellent price.

I've been looking for one of these for ages - only combined LCD, tv and dvd I can find do not have freeview.

There was a Goodmans LCD tv with freeview and dvd advertised over christmas at Comet or Currys for a similar price, but I couldn't get hold of one.

Anyone know if Evesham brand goods are any good?



Can't purchase or even pre-order.


Fingers crossed for a HDMI or DVI D but I doubt it.

Just adding my two pence worth. I spotted in my local Tescos the other day a 19" LCD with integrated DVD player for £199. I`m sure it was a Venturer make. Ok, no freeview but still a good price. I see argos are doing a 15.4" with dvd player for £199 in their sale so makes the Tesco 19" seem an even better price and the Evesham one an even better price again.

Saw this about 3 months ago and has been "coming soon" since then.
Checked on Evesham website and is not even listed.
I agree it is a great price but no sign of appearing just yet.
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