19" Xerox Widescreen TFT Monitor, 800:1, 5ms (3yr Warranty) - £131.58

19" Xerox Widescreen TFT Monitor, 800:1, 5ms (3yr Warranty) - £131.58

Found 3rd Oct 2006
19" Xerox XM3-19W Widescreen TFT Monitor, 800:1, 5ms (3yr Manufacturer's Warranty)

This is a good price for this lovely 19" widescreen xerox monitor with a really good specification. It is available from MicroDirect for £131.58 including standard delivery. The 3 years manufacturer's warranty is a great feature as well.

Details: XM3 series is the best preference to start exploring wide screen. The design philosophy of XM3 series follows our exceptional XA3 series and it offers users a cost-effective combination of admirable performance and affordable price.

XM3 series has unique XInputTM Signal Selection for the convenience of multiple input sources. The feature allows concurrent connecting PC and another sources such as DVD, game console or another PC/NoteBook.

It has 1440x900 wide-screen high resolution to give the additional computing space for use. How about having MSN® Messenger, SkypeTM and word processor side by side then toggle them with the ease? How about watching DVD films without distortion? How about browsing two web pages on a single screen? Or, you can switch to the game console and enjoy yourself at once! XM3 series is wide and versatile; it is 100% worth your exploring to have a wide screen from now on!


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[IMG-float=right]http://www.microdirect.co.uk/images/normal/monitors/tft/mon19xerxm319w3.jpg[/IMG-float]High Brightness & Contrast
Bringing images to life
Vibrant colors, and dark black levels will improve your graphics, photos, or presentations making them life-like and realistic. High contrast levels further define picture detail providing rich saturated images.

Rapid Video Response
Live action images stable
Fast action media such as gaming, DVD and video conferencing will playback smoothly thanks to the rapid video 8ms response time of the LCD panel.

Integrated Power Design
Reducing desktop clutter
The power part is integrated into the whole design and there's no more external power adapter to occupy your desktop space.

XInputTM Signal Selection
Capable and convenient
XInputTM provides one digital and two analog video ports. Users can concurrently have desktop PC and notebook (or another PC) share the same one display then switching the signal by simply pressing the button without removing and attaching cables all the time.

Multimedia Enhanced Speakers
Enjoyment with media center
It brings multimedia and saves the desktop space. XM3 series has two built-in 2w stereo speakers and are well integrated into the stylish design.

Anti-Reflection Coating
More comfortable viewing experience
The coating on the panel efficiently reduces distracting glares. If you often gaze at the screen for word processing or longtime working, this feature will cause less fatigue.

Dimensions: W x H x D (mm) 457 x 366 x 210

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