Unfortunately, this deal has expired 14 October 2022.
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Posted 2 October 2022

192 X ORIGINAL WAGON WHEELS Minimum BBE September 2022 £14.99 + £1.49 delivery @ Discount Dragon

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  • The legendary experience of biscuit, mallow, and a chocolate flavoured coating.
  • Perfect for a treat at work, home or on the go
  • Box of 24 x 8 Packs.
  • Each Wheel is individually wrapped.
  • Each wheel weighs 36g (Total 192 Wheels / 6912g)
  • Minimum Best Before End September 2022
Discount Dragon More details at Discount Dragon
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  1. Avatar
    192 out of date wagon wheels, Wow, what a bargain!!

    How is this getting heat??
    Because it's a BBE not a use by? Again, really wish they would ban the use of BBE as people are throwing away perfectly good food.. These are fine, will be for months.
  2. Avatar
    Could scoff these all down in one sitting!
    You'd have to, they're out of date already!
  3. Avatar
    So small now, when I were a lad they were the size of a real wagon wheel
    Those were the days!
  4. Avatar
    From someone who has eaten alot of gone off sweets including wagon wheels. The marshmallow bit doesn't go off, the chocolate can go weird after like 5 years and the biscuit can taste a little stale but hay ho still nice. Not joking I have eaten a wagon wheel 5 years old when I was young and a weird chocolate bar which was out of date before my older sister was born. This will not kill you.
    5 years?

    You win the prize sir, for eeking-out your money's worth
  5. Avatar
    Reminds me of school days
  6. Avatar
    Food that could cause illness. Nice.
    How so?
  7. Avatar
    There's so many preservatives in food these days I doubt these would be a problem as long as they were stored correctly?

    A few years back I spoke to a funeral director who said that we are basically preserving ourselves with all these chemicals in our foods and drinks, and we don't decay as we should normally do once dead!

    Lovely thought whilst you scoff down nearly 200 Wagon Wheels
    When I'm dead I won't really care if I don't decay as fast as I should do
  8. Avatar
    It's says "original" Wagon Wheels, but like all other snacks, they've reduced us size considerably from the original.

    For sizing purposes, these new ones near the size of a skateboard wheel, while the original Wagon Wheels, with their chocolatey, marshmallow, biscuit goodness, would fit on a stage coach.
  9. Avatar
    Will only take me a short while to scoff these, babe date is not a problem!
    Getting a babe date would be a problem if you are a fat porker after eating 200 wagon wheels
  10. Avatar
    Cant even tell the difference between the blue and red one anymore. Jam playing hide n seek
  11. Avatar
  12. Avatar
    Anyone wishing to become diabetic look no further
  13. Avatar
    If only they were suitable for vegetarians
  14. Avatar
    No Paypal option now... Another reason not to bother buying from them
  15. Avatar
    I wish they’d do vegetarian versions!.
  16. Avatar
    Can't understand the love these. I found these too sweet even as a child. Now they are just sickly. Don't know what the brown stuff on the outside is but certainly isn't chocolate.