£1.95 Delivery @ 7dayshop
£1.95 Delivery @ 7dayshop

£1.95 Delivery @ 7dayshop

"For a limited time, all orders placed with 7dayshop.com will qualify for HALF PRICE P&P. We don't know when this offer will end, so order as soon as you can to avoid dissapointment."

Delivery charge is per order


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[COLOR=Red]Note:[/COLOR] Delivery Charge is per order

1GB 800mhz DDR2 PC memory - £9.99
1GB 667mhz DDR2 PC memory - £9.99

2GB 800mhz DDR2 PC memory - £17.99
2GB 667mhz DDR2 PC memory - £17.99

Basic overnight battery charger + 8x 2300mah AA Nimh's - £7.99
Energizer 15 minute charger + 4x 2200mah AA Nimh's - £13.99

4GB Class 4 (118x) SDHC Flash memory card - £13.25
4GB (110x) Dane-elec USB2 flash drive - £12.99

Delivery charge always puts me off ordering small amounts from these guys. Wish they could keep it at this price for good.
Voted hot:)

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They are non-commital though yipykayay, can't even decide how long to offer it for.

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4GB Sandisk MicroSD card with USB card reader - £17.99

cheers for the deal, just ordered some aa batteries, need them for the 360 and wii


I ordered some xD cards and mini SD card but not sure how long they take for delivery. Anyone got any experience of shopping @ 7dayshop.com??

it takes around a week for standard del mate

btw love the ava lol

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