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1984 / Animal Farm by George Orwell FREE on Kindle @ Amazon

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Posted many, many times before I know, but this is a nice double-pack.

"1984 - the novel marking the end of communism."

George Orwell's 1984 revolves around Winston Smith, an office worker who performs censorship duties in Oceania's Ministry of Truth as a small cog in the wheel of a monstrous state apparatus. For years, doubts have been gnawing at him about the legitimacy of the system in which even a blink of the eye can cost him his life. The novel begins with the first step towards putting this initially purely intellectual resistance into action: Winston opens a diary. He subsequently falls in love with a young female colleague, and together they begin a love affair that, in the dictatorship that invades every aspect of life, is in itself an act of high treason. Even though they have different views on the society they live in, they are united by the rejection of its narrow moral corset and the desire for individual freedom and, not least, a right to love and feel. While Winston understands HOW the machinery of tyranny works, he does not understand WHY the massive effort of its surveillance and repressive apparatus is undertaken. When they decide to seek contact with the underground opposition and eventually end up in the hands of the repression apparatus of the state, Winston learns the true background of Oceania's society. Until his death, George Orwell was a convinced socialist - all the greater was the effect his work, published in 1949, had on the political left of the time. On the political left, the Soviet Union was seen as the realisation of Marx's ideas, the workers' paradise that would free the enslaved masses from their shackles. Orwell was one of the few leftists of his time who dared to shake this narrative. Under the impression of the undeniable terror of Stalinist rule and its cynical, opportunistic cooperation with fascist and capitalist foreign countries, he criticised the hypocrisy and inhumanities of the real communism with Animal Farm and 1984.

Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a dystopian fable by George Orwell, published in 1945, about the uprising of the animals of an English farm against the rule of their human owner, who neglects and exploits them. After initial successes and incipient prosperity, the pigs increasingly take over and eventually establish a tyranny worse than the one the animals tried to shake off. While the majority of the political left of the 1940s still regarded the Soviet Union as the realisation of Karl Marx's ideas, George Orwell's bestseller breaks with this view by very humorously depicting the development of Russia or the Soviet Union from the late reign of Tsar Nicholas II to post-war Stalinism in the form of this modern fable.
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    So was Orwell against Marxism or communism or stalinism and how ussr operated?
    Against totalitarianism. Dictatorships that oppress the people. So include Nazism too. He was a democratic socialist, fought for the republicans in the Spanish civil war against the fascist military.
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    It's like 1984's Animal farm in here.
    1 deal good, 4 deals baaaad.

    Consolidate those posts people
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    This post is literally 1984
    As in the number of times these free books have been posted?
  4. Avatar
    Didn't understand a thing when I did this in secondary school!
    Easy to understand now though that you're almost living in it.
  5. Avatar
    Should this not be called 2020/24
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    People who are saying: "Don't need to read it, we live it" should read it first. Maybe then they realise how much freedom they have. Unless they sent the comment from North Korea.
    Perceived freedom I would say.
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    This should get very hot. Thanks for sharing
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    The amount of people who claim this is like how life is like now without actually understanding the book at all is literally 1984
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    It was such an analogy of Soviet Russia that anyone can relate with today's GB...
    No, still can't see how it relates, it's simply absurd to say we live in some sort of Orwellian nightmare.
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    Just in case you missed this deal the previous 66 times it's be posted.
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    This is my 10th Free Kindle version of the book. Perhaps, I should start off loading them on eBay
    Thank you OP.
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    Thank you!
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    How is this not getting more votes
    Literally 1984
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    Nice. There is a good audio book of animal farm on BBC sounds too.
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    Odd line there "While the majority of the political left of the 1940s still regarded the Soviet Union as the realisation of Karl Marx's ideas".

    Karl Marx in this works said that communism comes after capitalism, it is one of his fundamentals (capitalism builds the infra, means of production etc. The Soviet Union wasn't created from a capitalist system, they skipped capitalism and went straight to some warped faux communist model.

    THe modern capitalist system looks like what Marx was talking about where the 'few' have an increasing slice of the cake..and where 'monopolies' are the default.
    Don't let the yearly 30 million plus preventable deaths due to Capitalism get in the way!
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    Literally bought 1984 last night, thankfully hadn’t opened it on kindle so cancelled and got this one instead thanks
    1984 free on Kindle is probably the most often posted deal on this site
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    I'm afraid now u can't buy these books on kindle app, it wen u use Amazon app, THERES OFTEN A CHANGE AND YOU WILL BE CHARGED,. I DOUBT I SHALL NOW DOWNLOAD ANY BOOKS FROM HERE ANYMORE. VERY SAD TBH!!!
    Just open the links in your browser and you can purchase them that way (as long as you're signed in to your Amazon account). There's not "often a charge" using the Amazon app, it's just impossible to buy Kindle books on it due to purchasing rules imposed by Google. It's been this way for quite some time now.
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