£1.99 - Co Op - Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream (500ML) Cookie Dough & Caramel Chew Chew

£1.99 - Co Op - Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream (500ML) Cookie Dough & Caramel Chew Chew

Found 23rd Aug 2010
Similar to Tesco / Morrison's / Sainsburies offers.

Awesome ice cream!

Only seemed to have Cookie Dough and Caramel Chew Chew.

Noticed it in-store in the Birkhill store in Angus Scotland.

Seems to be Nation-wide.


Hey great deal, Im not sure if im being blind but seems you missed out the store with the deal

Voted hot anyway as I noticed co-op in the tags

Voted cold. it's the same price as it is everywhere else at the moment. No need for more posts about ben and jerrys being £1.99


Hasn't it been this price for some time now?

nationwide it's £2.04 as I have a flyer through my door at the weekend and noticed they were a massive 5p more than morrisons and the other places.

thank you x

Phish Food & Cookie Dough and not Caramel Chew Chew on offer in Woodbridge.

First post from me ..... I got these at Morrisons at £1.99 each with a bigger variety of flavors.

Morrisons has all flavours at this price. Tesco is the same.

Asda have it at £3. Yet they're the 'cheapest' supermarket according to MySupermarket. Pfft.

Phish food is number one - beats all the rest!

Good find.

It's £2.04 at my local Co-Op's
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