£1.99 for a bamboo coffee mug instore @ Home Bargains

£1.99 for a bamboo coffee mug instore @ Home Bargains

LocalFound 20th Apr
Bamboo re usable travel cup. Flexible lid with sipping hole. Replace disposable cups with this! At £2 you can not beat the price. Loads in stock in Letchworth.
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Brilliant! I bought loads of these a while ago from HB and gave them as Christmas gifts. I forgot to keep one for myself! Thanks OP.
First time Ive seen them! Well timed as I need one.
Good deal. Also Starbucks are giving away free reusable cups (when buying a drink). Received an ap notification for it today and just picked up mine. They have loads of them.
Got one of these from the Eden project in Cornwall. It was not 1.99. I really like it. Highly recommended -make my own latte every morning with my bean to cup machine. I spend too much time on here!
Plenty in stock in Caerphilly too, and lots of designs. Such a good price: these are usually around £9!
Are these BPA free?
greenant25 m ago

Are these BPA free?

It’s made of bamboo fibre...
yas2128 m ago

It’s made of bamboo fibre...

Lid tends to be different from the cup. So is there any plastic anywhere, lid, inner layer, whatever, and if so is it BPA free? Thanks.
Got one of these as a Christmas present, gets me double stamps at Caffe Nero every time I bring my own cup and saves the environment a bit!
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