£19.99 Clarinet and case at Netto

£19.99 Clarinet and case at Netto

Found 28th Jan 2011
Today I bought a clarinet from Netto in Newmarket. These had been £59.99 in 2008. They were marked up with a £49.99 ticket, but it was reduced to £19.99. There was one left. Its probably a clearance item, so you might not find them in general.

I've had a read around, and the general advice is that its better to learn a better quality instrument. However, for a new clarinet, that is likely to cost £150-200, or £75 second hand.

However, I just wanted something to try out, without making a big commitment. When i first tried it, it took me 15 minutes of blowing before I got a note out of it, but after a bit of googling, I worked out how to get it to work. I don't think it was a problem with the clarinet, more the user!


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These are a couple of threads from here. Most of the posts have been about the guitars.


These posts are about the clarinets, and I think they are the same model that I've got. They are pretty positive (written when the price was £50 and not £20):


forums.moneysavingexpert.com/sho…864 has some comments from clarinet teachers (recommending more expensive models)
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As a very minor clarinet player (as a 2nd "hobby" instrument only) until I got Carpal Tunnel syndrome which killed it dead; here's some advice to get round that - you will find whatever price you paid for the instrument, some decent reeds might help a lot, they come in a mass of difference grades, and for beginners something soft enough to get going could help, and having the right one might bring you on a bit. You can quickly move on to harder ones later for a better sound:
some info on reeds essortment.com/hob…htm
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