£19.99 - RockBand Drums - Instore @HMV
£19.99 - RockBand Drums - Instore @HMV

£19.99 - RockBand Drums - Instore @HMV

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Just been to my local HMV where they are selling the RockBand Drumkit for £19.99. The price is currently £17.99 on the website however you can't order.


My local one had 4/5 for PS3/360.

They also had reasonible pricing on the games too

Rockband 2 - £29.99
Rockband - £19.99

Not the best prices ever but not bad.


I saw them in Liverpool yesterday, and the full kits are £49 inc guitar, drums and mic.


Dammit - got there just before me - picked one of these up in Newport, South Wales HMV. There are currently 2 left (of the Xbox 360 version anyway...) Heat from me...

I was quite disapointed with the Guitar Hero drum set, I was really looking forward to using it but I found it unreliable (red pad was very hit and miss) and the sound theey make kinda ruins the effect as they are not damped. Are these any better or worse?!?!? OH would kill me if I bought them as the GH set has only just gone back to its owner and she commented last night how nice it was to get the room back...... but I did enjoy the game enough to buy these if they are OK!!

Had a stack of these at the front of the Middlesbrough store in the Mall.
All reduced from £69.99 to £19.99 - couldnt resist so bought one.

Haven't tried it yet, but heat added for the find.


Saw it in Watford also today


There was a few sets for 360, Wii and PS3 in Newcastle this morning.

was told these was compat with guitar hero (wii) so i got one, not the case, too bad, will be returning mine

Bought these and the game from HMV today. I would have bought the Xbox360 drums, but they were £50 and the PS3 ones were £20.

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Bought these and the game from HMV today. I would have bought the Xbox360 … Bought these and the game from HMV today. I would have bought the Xbox360 drums, but they were £50 and the PS3 ones were £20.

probably just mislabeled. Xbox ones are £19.99 everywhere else. Did you ask at the counter?

Looked in my local today and they still had stock. As others have said Wii ones too.

Just got them in the Uxbridge store had them for the wii in the window despite the lady saying that there were non in stock.

Reminds me of the time I asked about the promotional guitars and they looked bemused despite their being 50 of the things behind lol

does anyone know if the drums will work on world tour? (it uses drums too right?)

Bit late to the party, as I was on holiday when these appeared at this price. Been trying to find them instore - none in Aylesbury, only PS3 in High Wycombe.

Weirdly, they're listed on the website (at £17.99) as being "in stock, ships in 24 hours", but there's a sign underneath saying you can't order them from the site. But it lets you order them anyway.. I've given it a go and will see what happens.

i was told in game ,where these are also on sale that they aren't compatable with guitar hero

Just got a shipping confirmation from the website, shipping estimated 2-5 days (usual for HMV). Will post here (and probably put up a deal, if they're still on the site) when and if they arrive. Fingers crossed!

surprise surprise, had email its been canceled by themselves, and i nipped into the store today and they dont know anything about them.
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