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12 Months Of Hosting For Only £14.40 (£1.20 per month) With FREE Domain, SSL and Personal Consultant @ 1and1 Ionos
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
£1.20 a month for hosting, domain, SSL and personal consultant, sounds good to me! (y) P.s. Website says £1 a month, but that doesn't include vat.
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I've been with 1&1 since they started over 19 years ago. In the last couple of years domain renewals have steadily gone up and up and now the original owners have sold out the new people have whacked the prices up again! Search results dropped off the cliff a couple of years ago because they were using Comodo and that fell out of favour with Google search. Along with Go Daddy, 1 & 1 are no longer my choice and I have found Namecheap easier to use along with their dashboard and better search. Namecheap do 3 years domain .co.uk registration for £17 as well.

1&1 Free email with domain only £0.99p for the 1st year (then £9.99 for subsequent years)
Found 19th Aug 2018Found 19th Aug 2018
1&1 Free email with domain only £0.99p for the 1st year (then £9.99 for subsequent years)
1&1.co.uk currently have a promotion for all .co.uk domains. First year only 99p and then £9.99 every additional year. You also get a free email something@yourdomain.co.uk

1&1 can whistle, beware if you don't cancel your domain they will automatically renew it regardless of whether you've paid or not, or how you pay, and when the payment fails, out come the threatening messages... these are domain subscriptions, not a straightforward 'lease' as with other registrars I learnt the hard way, at least they weren't TLDs or it would have cost me a lot lot more


How is Google Godaddy? They are unrelated AFAIK.


Well it says on the page you linked to co.uk £0.99 /yr 1st year, then £9.99/year When you register for 2 years or more So not sure how you get them for one year at this price?


Google is goddady, however I agree with you. I personally don’t like 1and1, however for clients to offer them 99p for the first year after spending $$$$$$ on the web design is quite worth it.


easy tag change out for free

.co.uk 1 Year Free Domain @ 1&1 Internet
Found 6th Nov 2017Found 6th Nov 2017
.co.uk 1 Year Free Domain @ 1&1 Internet
Free 1 year .co.uk domain available, no minimum term or additional purchase required. T&C's .co.uk Domain: 1 year £0/year, then £9.99/year. Billing cycle 1 year. No minimum co… Read more
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the 1and1 is terrible as company!


No I'm not logged in, still showing as £0


Still showing as available here.


Same thing happened here except after no contact or bill they set debt collectors on me. In the end managed to get the debt collectors fees waived and just paid the £14 or whatever it was... AVOID 1&1


APologies then if that's true. When I last did it a couple of years ago it was 2 years. Will check this out then.

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Free 1 year .co.uk domain @1&1.co.uk
Found 19th May 2017Found 19th May 2017
Free 1 year .co.uk domain @1&1.co.uk
.co.uk Domain: free for the 1st year, thereafter billed at the regular price which is £6.99. Offer limited to one domain per customer and is subject to availability.

Seen them advertised a lot recently and I just wouldn't trust them, even more so going by some of your reviews. 123Reg - Never once had an issue, and been with them for over 10 years.


Since my experience with them was probably 10 years ago, I doubt they give a stuff. Anyone who doesn't Google them first probably deserves what they get


A company to be avoided at all costs. Yes, you get a cheap domain for a year but then they chase you with debt collectors for renewal fees.


I'll be kicking off migration to another provider 6 months prior to the renewal date.


I do hope 1and1 they read this. They have an absolutely shocking reputation across the industry.

Domain for 99p @ 1and1.co.uk (£1.19 inc. VAT)
Found 1st May 2017Found 1st May 2017
Domain for 99p @ 1and1.co.uk (£1.19 inc. VAT)
Domain for 99p over at 1and1.co.uk. New customers only. First year

not worth the hassle. i had web hosting with this company and it seems everything you buy is on a contract and renewed automatically.


They could be free from 1&1 and I'd still vote cold.


They chased me for 4 years for money owed on an account that i cancelled well within the time they asked for. Ironic thing was that i could still log in to the account in all that time. Eventually i logged in, changed the address on the account and other details and never heard from them again.


Awful company, automatically renew domain and chase fees for almost a year.


Free whois privacy with thrm now, pretty cool. I just transfer a few .com domains to them, 20yrs frre privacy now :)

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1&1 - 1 Year .com and .co.uk domain names - new registrations and transfers - £0.99 + VAT (about £1.18) with £1.15 TopCashBack / £1.10 QuidCo
Found 20th Jan 2017Found 20th Jan 2017
1&1 - 1 Year .com and .co.uk domain names - new registrations and transfers - £0.99 + VAT (about £1.18) with £1.15 TopCashBack / £1.10 QuidCo
Total price 17p after cashback. New domains & transfers included. My .com was due for £6.99 renewal, just transferred to this. 99p domain + 11p ICANN fee + 22p VAT £1.32 cha… Read more
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Cheap domain name yet forced to take expensive webhosting - cheaper to register at full price elsewhere. The usual 1&1 con.


COLD terrible company. I canceled renewing my domain, but they didnt. Sent countless letters requesting money. Scumbags.


These charged me while in a free trial a few years back, would never use again.




It's a shame these deals are only ever for 1 year!

0.99 for .com, .co.uk, .uk domains @ 1&1
Found 7th Apr 2016Found 7th Apr 2016
0.99 for .com, .co.uk, .uk domains @ 1&1
Get a .com , co.uk or .uk domain for jut 99p. I have bought one domain and found that it works only for the first purchase. Still it is a great deal. The average price for a .com… Read more

Hopefully HotUKDeal users have taken note of the comments. If you still go ahead and use 1&1 you've only got yourself to blame.


I don't host with them - had a very bad experience


I purchased a 1&1 .com domain last year, watch out for those extras and be patient cause they can be slow.


Similar experience with Easyspace. Charged me £24 for a 2 year renewal as it was set to auto-renew on a .co.uk domain which they only charge about £6 a year if you want to buy one. I queried the excessive renewal cost and they just said 'our prices fluctuate'. After Googling them I discovered a lot of complaints about the fact they charge you 60 days in advance of renewal and once that money has gone you have no chance of getting it back. Their T&C's have everything buttoned up and they can basically charge whatever they like. Blatant profiteering basically. I emailed them to ask why they don't send out an email informing me of the up and coming renewal and they replied they would pass this to the relevant department as it's something they don't yet do. Fat lot of good that is, they've known for years but still not introduced it. Much better companies out there that do the decent thing as far as how they treat their customers. Avoid Easyspace.


I don't think so

99p domain registration (£1 possible cashback = FREE or cheap domain) @ 1&1
Found 18th Aug 2015Found 18th Aug 2015
99p domain registration (£1 possible cashback = FREE or cheap domain) @ 1&1
I found 1&1 is offering 99p domain registration for popular domains including .com and .co.uk for the first year of registration. Also Quidco is offering £1 cashback (which was… Read more

You pay for two years in advance so on checking out there is an additional £3.49 for the second year.


I paid 99p. It includes the VAT. Ignore the images etc.




No profit. 99p plus 20% VAT, you need to pay about £1.18...


any of the new Tld's ??

$0.99 domains US 1&1 site (including transfers) (67p)
Found 15th Apr 2015Found 15th Apr 2015
$0.99 domains US 1&1 site (including transfers) (67p)
I just renewed my domain. 9 times out of 10, they are cheaper to renew in the US. 1&1 is $0.99 for a year so I just transferred. They are 99p on the UK site but well, it's 22p… Read more

If you ever need to call their support, they have a 'toll free' number but WILL cost from the UK. Use this site to call their support: http://www.freecallstousa.co.uk BE WARNED! YOU WILL GET SPAM FROM THESE PEOPLE VIA EMAIL OFFERING WEB DESIGN ETC, USE A SPAM ACCOUNT.


Cheers mate, gunna start looking into this!


I've used them many times when they do stupid deals like this... never had an issue. I suppose if you give a child a knife, it's going to cut itself.


sooner or later you will regret this


$0.99 vs £7+ elsewhere. A domain name is a domain name, regardless of where you buy it from. :)

VPS with 50gb space and 2gb RAM for £5.99 per month @ 1&1 Internet
Found 11th Oct 2014Found 11th Oct 2014
VPS with 50gb space and 2gb RAM for £5.99 per month @ 1&1 Internet
Cheap VPS from 1&1 INTERNET. You get a Linux OS, 50gb HDD, 2GB RAM, unlimited traffic, static ip and loads more. Seems like a good deal. Its £5.99 per month for the first 24 … Read more
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Cold from me, There are literally thousands of hosts falling over themselves to sell cheap VPS's quality varies depending on provider and some are little more than one man/women bands, that said the good ones give a lot better service than 1and1 and no need to worry about 12 month contracts, most of them it's simply 30days. For cheap dedis try kimsufi or online.net, LET (Low end talk) is probably a good place to discuss the various hosts, there will be offers being posted there


as for the problems, its email and forums only. if server develops fault normally fixed inside of a few hours or less. if its hardware related then can take upto 7 days for replacement parts, etc.


photos of Councill Tax bill and photo driving liscense are sufficant as ive done it. as for sending them unencrypted, encrypt them with free software and email them and put in email will phone up to tell you password and what software you used. 9/10 times theyre ok with it. or just host it in dropbox or the like but password & encrypt it.


KimSufi looks very good value for the hardware/data - but I see some issues in the forums, e.g. validation taking weeks. Not to say I'd be happy sending copies of driving licence / bills via unencrypted e-mail. I can't remeber if 1&1 also asks for this. Not that 1&1 have decent customer support - but at least you can call the server team 24h a day (and believe me I had to call them many times at 2am, 3am, etc.) - but I don't see any official replies to questions on KimSufi and no phone no? Anybody had issues and got support from them?


+100000 to the kimisufi , approx £4.**-5.** a month for 500 gb hd , 2GB Ram at least single core cpu MINIMUM and over 10+tb transfer a month. its hard to vap it tramsfer wise it unless your torrenting on it.

1&1 Internet - .com domain names for £1.19 - with £1.57 or more TopCashBack
Found 8th Sep 2014Found 8th Sep 2014
1&1 Internet - .com domain names for £1.19 - with £1.57 or more TopCashBack
Was looking for a new .com domain last night and this was the cheapest I could find by a long way. Going rate is about a fiver usually. 99p for the first year from 1&1, which … Read more
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worse company to get domain. Signed up for a domain. Got phone call asking if I wanted extra website builder etc. Clearly stated NO! Within 3 hours automatically enrolled to a paying service. Had to ring up and cancel.


For .co.uk you can 'whois opt-out' as its called, its free and hides address information, it is only allowable for private (i.e. none business) use.


You can hide your name and address from a whois search, but there are three issues. 1 - You can only do it with a .com, not a co.uk address. 2 - There is usually a charge. 3 - Someone elses details are displayed instead of yours, usually the companies details. But to do this, they have to have ownership of the address. There have been one or two cases ( in the US I think ) where a dispute has arisen, and they of course didn't own the address, so had problems.


And now a phone call... oh dear. Selling my details I guess as went for blank whois.


Yes - had 2 junk mails offering me a web development service already. Wonder why that is? Hmmm.

1&1 FREE .co.uk Domain for 1 year
Found 4th Jul 2014Found 4th Jul 2014
1&1 FREE .co.uk Domain for 1 year
I was looking around for decent prices for domain names and came across this. 1&1 are offering the first year of a .co.uk domain for free then £3.49 per year if you want to con… Read more

Ditto from all the negative comments above, they do everything they can to automatically renew without your consent and then send tons of threatening letters for £9.80 not a lot, but it is the principles. Awful company with a massive marketing arm.


Ditto fro


Horrible company. Auto renewals hard to turn off and then you get charged even though you disable PayPal payments and then get threatened with a debt-collection (Avarto) service unless you pay the domain for the year you didn't even want it for.


This is how co.uk domains are handled. Nominet only allow you to register a domain with .uk for 2 years at a time. This is not 1and1's doing. However, the way they're wording it is a bit misleading. Sure if you take the price and pay it money by month you're getting 12months free out of 24months, and 12 months is a year... but it's more like 50% off then 1 year free. I'm surprised Ofcom or whoever deals with internet advertising, hasn't been able to rip them a new one over it.


Had no problems with them myself. I wouldn't hesitate if I needed another domain.

Free 1st year registration of .co.uk domain (£4.19 incl vat compulsory payment for 2nd year) @ 1&1.co.uk
Found 19th Apr 2014Found 19th Apr 2014
Free 1st year registration of .co.uk domain (£4.19 incl vat compulsory payment for 2nd year) @ 1&1.co.uk
Free .co.uk domain for 1 year. After the free year it's £3.49 to renew (excl VAT). Terms and conditions: http://www.1and1.co.uk/FeatureTcSpecial?__lf=Order

Cold because 1&1. Seriously, if you dont know why 1&1 deserve cold, please, please research them.


Horrible company....


PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GET WEB HOSTING IN YOUR PACKAGE. Get your domain names ONLY and get the hell out of there!!! Sorry for the caps but next thing you know you'll be paying for something you don't want or need. Free web hosting in their eye is free but you have to pay a yearly "service charge". I've been doing a bit of domain name housekeeping and only this week, after a few years, just downgraded from 1&1 home to just 1&1 email which hopefully doesn't come with "free" web hosting but I still keep my domain names. I'll have to ring them up to confirm it's there most basic of basic packages. Downgrading your package was not an option not too long ago. You had to ring them up and then they'd send you a link because "their computers where playing up". Things have changed now though. Great domain management system but just be careful of 1&1 offers is all I've got to say.


There's about £2.50 cashback from Top Cashback on domain purchases.


Cheers for the clarification. I've added a link to the terms and conditions to the main post (albeit I should have read them before posting!). Don't you love marketing? :p

Transmit (OS X FTP utility) from Panic at 50% discount for 24 hours £10.66
Found 16th Sep 2013Found 16th Sep 2013
Transmit is an FTP client for Apple Mac computers. It makes fetching files from FTP servers easy. If you don't know what it is then you probably don't need it. :)

This is one of the best ftpand sftp clients around. It works very well, is designed for Mac and has decent support. Yes there are alternatives but few if any work as well. Hell, I could argue that since command line ftpexists on a mac why use this at all. I thought the purpose of this site was to highlight good deals, not to just point out alternatives. If that was the case, nothing would get hot. It's a good deal, I upgraded my v3 to v4 client for $9.99 so I'm happy. Thanks for pointing this out.


this is the best ftp app on os x. Next best is ForkLift. Filezilla is ugly and non-typical mac ui so confusing. Have some heat.


Totally agree re there being free options. In my experience however, you get what you pay for. I struggled with Cyberduck for days before giving up and buying Transmit which worked first time.


Best ftp app I've found (each to their own) and good price.


there are free options such as filezilla, but even for a paid one I would opt for Yummy (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/yummy-ftp/id492068728?mt=12) which is cheaper..

99p domains .co.uk and .com @ 1&1
Found 27th Oct 2012Found 27th Oct 2012
99p domains .co.uk and .com @ 1&1
MOD PLEASE REMOVE, As title. For 1 year only and only1 per household. Seems good if you need a single domain for a year and then transfer it for a better deal later. Ends soo… Read more
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it's not expensive to buy a domain without a lock-in I use www.virtualnames.co.uk as being cheap and reliable, but there are many others who are ok.


Never had a prob when i used them but your right they look dodgy now So dont use em ! Will a mod remove this now cheers.


Noooooooo.... not 1&1 ! Sign up with these and they will invoice you for the rest of your life even when you have cancelled your order correctly. They also have a habit of then sending these fake invoices to a dodgy debt collection agency. Google it, it's a well known con of theirs.

All hosting packages £2.49pm (excl VAT) for 12 months @ 1and1 Internet Limited
Found 14th Aug 2012Found 14th Aug 2012
All hosting packages £2.49pm (excl VAT) for 12 months @ 1and1 Internet Limited
As the title, all Linux hosting packages are £2.49pm for 12 months, minimum contract is 12 months. Seems like a decent deal especially on they're top Business package which include… Read more
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Absolutely dreadful. I was with them for a few years and I often got letters and charges for one thing or another. In the end I cancelled my subscription only to be told I didn't give enough notice. So in the end I paid up, and told them to f**k off. I would not recommend this company. They are greedy money grabbing low life with an only interest to get new sign ups, more cash flow and trap you in - and keep you in fear that you may lose your website blah blah. Best to pay more and go with a better company. I went with godaddy - they have been good for me but there are many other host providers.


Not my experience at all. Had (past tense) a dedicated server with them, and nothing but problems. I don't speak with venom about many companies, but I've developed a special gland to deal with the amount of hate I have towards 1&1.


Yes, in over ten years we've had perhaps 10/15 minutes of downtime. I'm a realist, computers go wrong on occasions, that sort of uptime is very difficult to achieve (with the sort of costs we are talking about). Not impossible but expensive to better.


That's a recommendation? I've been with Clook for over eight years and I don't think any of my sites have ever been down.


Cowboys - ordered a domain name for a couple of quid after I saw a deal on here in June - without me asking they then signed me up for web hosting and are trying to charge me £70 for something I have no need for as I self-host!

99p .co.uk .com and .info for first year
Found 18th Jun 2012Found 18th Jun 2012
99p .co.uk .com and .info for first year
1and1 are now selling .co.uk, .com and .info domains for 99p a year for the first year! It is limited to one per user. there are many other offers available at there site. dont for… Read more
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Yes exactly! domains usually cost a lot more £2.99 per year for .co.uk and around £7 for .coms etc so its good for one year then easy to transfer to 123 reg if you hate them so much! But I wouldn't transfer .com to any UK domain registrars as they charge around a tenner for those a year so godaddy is good for that but may charge a transfer fee.


You have to pay for 2 years, so it's £2.95 x 2 plus VAT. I usually buy the domains on offer at 1&1 and after a while transfer for free to 123-Reg. Russell


They're an awful company, avoid like the plague! I had similar billing problems when I used them to make a website. With on email they would say they confirm I don't owe anything and then a week later I would get a threatening email about a debt I owe them.


worsest company to deal with ever!


Crapola company. I had the same problem as above, cancelled a plan. 2 years (!) later received a couple of letters from some legal company saying I owed 1&1 money. So I wrote back saying I had no intention of paying and this was a underhand practice their client was well known for. Never heard anything since.

&1 .co.uk domain name (2yrs) for £5.48 - £2.50 quidco
Found 15th Feb 2012Found 15th Feb 2012
&1 .co.uk domain name (2yrs) for £5.48 - £2.50 quidco
If you are looking at registering a .co.uk domain name (or any other for that matter), then 1&1 is OK for the job. The prices are low as always, but currently quidco pays £2.50… Read more

Buy at your peril.


thats happened with 1and1 too, and some spam blacklists want payment to remove you, sometimes I wonder if its all a scam.


Would have said the same until yesterday. Used 123-reg for over 10 years and yesterday they appeared on multiple spam blacklists and have now gone 24 hours with no email going to any of my email addresses. Support were apologetic, but were unable to give an estimate when it would be fixed. Not impressed - they should have been able to switch to another IP that wasn't on a spam blacklist.


Do yourself a favour and use www.123reg.co.uk


You would think so wouldn't you. But even though I paid in full and on time they still chased me for payments, were rude, abusive and even threatened me with the debt collection agencies. Avoid with an oversized bargepole.

World's No.1 Web Hosting Company free up to 12 months then £4.99/m @ 1and1 Internet Limited
Found 15th Jul 2011Found 15th Jul 2011
World's No.1 Web Hosting Company free up to 12 months then £4.99/m @ 1and1 Internet Limited
Maximum security: Geo-redundant data centres! Superfast: 210 GBit/s connectivity! Environmentally friendly: Powered by green energy! Future-proof: Over 1,000 in-house developers… Read more

Cold. Wouldn't trust these with a paper bag, massive rip off company, hidden charges galore & contracts they never mention to you until you go to cancel. I had to legally fight to get money back from them in the past. Prefer my current host, may cost me like £8.78 a month (Squarespace), but the software/hardware mix is perfect for me.


I like it too...had it since I was a child.....;)


U wish,this just my opinion.now plezz do stay with hotdeals? i like you`r name.


Come on Timtom 13 what's your opinion of 1&1 Internet, you are promoting them at the top of the page so I assume that you have first hand knowlege of their services.


Timtom 13, Are you actually a member of the good ship 1&1 Internet ?........do tell dear boy.

99p for .eu domain for 1 year + £2.50 quidco (£1.51 profit)
Found 19th Oct 2010Found 19th Oct 2010
99p for .eu domain for 1 year + £2.50 quidco (£1.51 profit)
Same deal as last year but Quidco are offering £2.50 cashback for a domain registration, making you a £1.51 proft for registering a .eu domain To confirm, I've just done mine and … Read more

Sorry looks like you've been beaten: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/namesco-1-website-offer-sitemaker-f/782040?ppp=60


Hiya,. an example of what you could do is mask a freebie email address like sydneyjones12@btconnect.com with sydney@sjones.eu (you would use your domain control panel to forward the emails to your btconnect.com address but to the sender it'll look more professional. In business, you could ramp up on buying different variations of your company name for brand protection, (more cash back - I think they need to be separate transactions)


Just the domain, no space ... I think you'd be hard pushed to find any domain registrar that'll give you inclusive space for that price too :) For a domain name, it's a very good deal, for using a cashback site which will result if you getting paid for having one, it's a winner.


So is it the domain only (no space to host, etc) in this deal?


Hi i have just done this deal what can we actually use a domain name for im not very techinical

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