1GB Branded DDR-2 Ram Under £23 delivered
1GB Branded DDR-2 Ram Under £23 delivered

1GB Branded DDR-2 Ram Under £23 delivered

Kingston 1GB DDR2 533MHz/PC2-4200 Non-ECC CL4 1.8V Unbuffered Dimm 240 pin - Ebuyer QF 64183 - £30.04 (£22.62 via Google-checkout with super-saver delivery)

Ram prices keep on falling, if you have or are planning on getting Vista now is a great time to get a couple of these (make sure you do it on two seperate orders to make the Google checkout savings...)

Other good deals:

Crucial DDR2-533 1GB (QF 63618) £23.56 delivered (both Kingston and Crucial are reliable brands)

Kingston DDR2-667 1GB (QF 91121) £24.57 delivered (faster, probably best choice if your motherboard supports it). This has been posted before but price has dropped further recently.


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Oops, didn't mean to post this as a sale, if a mod could possible sort it and set price to £22.62. Sorry, a newbie here!

BTW, I doubt it will be possible to get this much cheaper at all for quite a while, if it drops by 5p its under the £30 Google checkout limit and you'll have to buy some filler!


so does that mean i can you get more than just 10 pound off using Google checkout or does it have to be under someone else's account to get it again???
I haven't used Google checkout yet, but if i can get 10 pound off for each order i make... i better start ordering!!!
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