1GB KINGSTON SD CARD £4.49 + £1.99 p&p. Ideal for a new Wii owner :)
1GB KINGSTON SD CARD £4.49 + £1.99 p&p. Ideal for a new Wii owner :)

1GB KINGSTON SD CARD £4.49 + £1.99 p&p. Ideal for a new Wii owner :)

Buy forBuy forBuy for£6.48
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1GB SD Card.
Stupid cheap at dvd.co.uk now.

Or 1GB Elite Pro £5.99
Or 2GB £7.99
Or 1GB Micro SD £5.99

Follow the link below for the full range. The bargain link to the right takes you to the £4.49 1GB


Oops.. its now + P&P.

Never seen P&P at dvd.co.uk, thats not a good sign.

Still a good price tho
- smashed


Original Poster

So £6.48, thats more than it was before.

Beelieve me, I would remove this deal if I could lol.

I'm confused, what do you mean?

Original Poster

I originally had it at 4.99 delivered, but managed to change the title header to reflect the P&P>

Had assumed that it was just a price drop, not a sneaky price drop and P&P charge at the same time.:(

Prices are still good, just a bit annoying when companies do that

NOOO, DVD.co.uk charge P&P now? that sucks

or for someone with a digi cam


Cost of postage is becoming a deal breaker with some online retailers. With the costs of transporting, delivering going up (ie petrol etc) temptation is to encourage bulk purchases from customers to save on P&P.... personally I like the Play.com example !

Who remembers 99p postage from 7dayshop.com ? Now its a lot more !

A bit of a shame really..

Mind you P&P can be a jolly good excuse for a price hike !!

Can anyone tell me is the rumour true that memory prices are expected to rise this summer ? or is that industry gossip to get us purchasing ?

Play.com Sandisk Extreme prices look so tempting ! 2gb £16.99 and 1gb £11.99 !

Shame if DVD.co.uk start doing postage, is it on cheap items like this or everything now?


It seems dvd.co.uk are just charging on memory at the moment.

Also reviewing the prices some items have dropped in price by way more than the postage. e.g.


was £22.99 but now £17.99 + £1.99 p&p
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