1GB KIT (2X512MB) DDR2 800MHz / PC2-6400 RAM - £17.58  Delivered

1GB KIT (2X512MB) DDR2 800MHz / PC2-6400 RAM - £17.58 Delivered

Found 11th Jun 2007
Some more cheap ram from ebuyer, this stuff is the very fastest running at 800mhz so is great for overclocking:

Dual-channel architecture DDR SDRAM describes a motherboard technology that effectively doubles data throughput from RAM to the memory controller.

Dual Channel-enabled memory controllers utilize two 64-bit data channels, resulting in a total bandwidth of 128 bits, to move data from RAM to the CPU.

I bought some myself last week and it was elixir branded and runs very stable


Thanks for the post. I've updated it to include the delivery charge, which we always try to show here.

I'm not a cold voter but you can get 1GB of PC6400 for less. £17.61 (£21.13 Delivered) at Overclockers:


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Still availble at ebuyer for £25.58 delivered, bought some more this week for another build and works very well. You cant really get 800mhz ram much cheaper elsewhere right now.
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