1GB SAMSUNG Flash Drive £14.44 inc del
MEGA DEAL - This super compact and very portable USB Flash hard drive can be used as a removable drive on your computer or laptop and with Hot Swapping and Plug and Play provides fast and easy use. Simply plug into your USB port and the computer will detect it as another drive. Use it to read and write data (copy or delete etc.) or use for many other applications including MP3 files or video files etc..
This Version is USB 2.0 Compliant - also works on USB 1.1 PC's
Removeable Protective Top
Weighs in at around 10g
Super fast read/write transfer @ up to 153x (23 MB/s!) with USB 2.0
Length is Just 7cm

Compatible With:

Windows ME/2000/XP Or Above
Mac OS 9.0 or higher
Mac OS X 10.1.5 or higher

Just to say, i have ordered this and it has arrived today. Its very small, the picture makes it look big but its tiny, alos the speed is amazing. Its very very fast at transfering and copying files, and at this price i reckon its a bargain!

It is £14 including delivery.

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