1GB SD card for [email protected]
1GB SD card for 0.99@bigpockets.co.uk

1GB SD card for [email protected]

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Hi there

This is my 1st post so pls be polite

I think thats good filler for order .I know 1GB card is not toomuch today but hey,maybe somebody still needs them?


Postage: £2.49 so good as a filler item
- choc1969


Not a bad price, but might be an idea to change the title to add in the postage (incase it isnt just a filler item) and also to note that these are refurbs, not brand new :thumbsup:
but nice one for taking the effort to make a thread.


Postage £2.49 making £3.48, you can get 2gb from 7dayshop for less delivered, sorry OP

can only order 2 cards.. shame.


Refurbished cards! misleading post

[COLOR=#ff6600]Refurbished --- hah !!!!!!

I would not bother this company . PILE OF DUNG !!!!

Bought cheap memory of them last time it was mentioned on the forum . Bought the memory at a great price ... Few days later - Order was canceled by them. After that i started getting loads of emails from them selling other stuff.

My feeling on great deals from this company . Is that you wont get what you have bought IF it was a GREATTTT price.
All you get is on there mailing list. :x

Also they dont have a contact phone number or contact address.



Refurbished cards! misleading post

Agreed, then again no surprise - the better part of everything this tat merchant sells is "refurbished" or worse :-(

Wonder how they "refurbish" one of these - maybe stick a new label on it? :whistling:
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