1GB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo, £19.98 inc. delivery
1GB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo, £19.98 inc. delivery

1GB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo, £19.98 inc. delivery

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This is my first post, so pls. excuse me if something is wrong..

With HIGH SPEED Memory Stick PRO Duo, professional photographers and photo enthusiasts get outstanding performance and a lifetime warranty for capturing, transferring and viewing high-resolution images.

10 Year Warranty with Sony
Capture high-resolution images faster
Take advantage of the advanced features of high mega-pixel digitial cameras
Adapter included. Compatible with all Memory Stick PRO devices with the use of the adapter. Suitable for many digital cameras, Sony mobile phones and the Sony PSP handheld gaming console.

Advanced Features:
Faster write speed means less time between shots
Ready for rapid-fire shooting
Compatible with Sony PSP's!
High-density flash memory and optimized controller technology lets you save large image files faster


Why is this cold? I am looking for one of these, can anyone tell me where to find a cheaper price?

i bought one that looked like this on fleabay and it was fake. Very fake. unreliable and lasted 2 months.


So people are saying that the ones on 7dayshop are fake? I bought one on Amazon market place that looks like that and it's still going. I've not used it constantly though admittedly.

i dont know what others are saying...when mine failed and i opened it up, it had a samsung chip in it....i mean...is that normal?
i thought genuine ones looked like this (but i could be very wrong!)

there are two variants. high speed (as per your first pictuure) and standard (your second picture). fakers often copy the high speed ones as they fetch a better price, more desirable etc.

i don't believe that sony make any underlying chips. i would say a samsung chip in there is entirely normal as they are a mass producer of memory chips.

I bought a 2Gb off ebay from a uk seller and it was a fake.

Doesn't seem a bad price but you can get a genuine 4Gb sony memory stick from a US seller for around £50 delivered off ebay. I've had two off him so far prompt delivery within a week and is a genuine sony product and no issues what soever.



The genuine memory stick is hard to open up, while the fake one cracks up … The genuine memory stick is hard to open up, while the fake one cracks up easily because it's not even glued well.The genuine memory stick uses a Samsung flash memory chip, while the fake one uses an unknown chip (in fact with the text burnished away from the chips), which is inferior.

ah! mine did have samsung on the chip but opened very easily! handy info there though.

Do not buy memory cards off eBay!!
If a bargain seems too good to be true, it probably is!

If the data you will be putting on your memory stick is important/precious (for example, using it in a digital camera to take photos), it's worth spending a bit extra and buying from a proper trusted store, rather than eBay

would you say the one on 7dayshop is worth getting kowalski? they also have a sandisk one for a pound cheaper, but it is standard speed. what's your thoughts? 1GB high-speed sony card for that price does seem a little too good...

If you have a Costco card then you can get a 2Gb Sandisk pro Duo for £24.89 this week (until Sunday) - just chekc at the main door for the discount coupon (or as a member of staff). No problems with fakes there.
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