1kg bag of raw peanuts £1.75 @ Tesco

1kg bag of raw peanuts £1.75 @ Tesco

Found 16th Oct 2012
Aasani Peanut Kernels 1Kg for £1.75 in Tesco, online & instore. The cheapest I found, cheaper than 400g bags of peanuts for birds in pound storesor £1.29 in my local B&M (which makes them at least £2.50/kg).

I buy them for my garden birds. I get almonds for myself (£3.50 for 750g bag, already a deal here, very good price!)
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Ideal ma effalunt luvs deez
Brilliant, now I can munch upon cheap Aas ani whilst playing with my Ainol tablet, hot
I'd rather have a sarnie than Aasani.
The cashews a
re yummy too. Found in the World Foods aisle.
nice but very fatty food.
You can just roast them easily, wash them off, spoonful of flour, and salt (as much as you want) then roast for around half an hour.

Great deal but always out of stock in all 3 tescos in my home town - still a empty spot on the shelf for a month.

Are these tasty or the same dry ones you get in supermarkets? Ideally I'm looking for Indonesian peanuts that are substantially smaller but also substantially tastier than the ones I've found in this country so far.


nice but very fatty food.

Two to three times as much Monounsaturated fat (Good*) and Polyunsaturated fat (Good*) than Saturated Fat (Bad*).

*simplistic rating and does not mean eat as much as possible.
love penuts
They were on offer in Tesco sometime ago as 2 for £3, just wait for few days and will be back so not worth stacking up.
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