1kg Mature White Cheddar for £2 @ Asda instore
1kg Mature White Cheddar for £2 @ Asda instore

1kg Mature White Cheddar for £2 @ Asda instore

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1kg of cheese for 2 quid. Was £5 per kg. Asdas own.

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Fab price, normally lucky if you can get cheese for £5 per kilo, hot!

Heat from me !

Which asda

You sure it's not 325g!!

Hot ! I bought this cheese last week for £5! It's nice as well !

Hot cheese. Cheddar is very cheesy. Cheesy heat.

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It's £2 per kg

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A kilo of cheese? Blimey!

Good luck with your resolutions.

Sorry - bus jumped and I think I hit cold in error! It'll never melt on my jacket spud at this rate :0(

Is it my eyes.......or is that picture of the cheeses moving!
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That's well below my £6 per kilo limit, good work. Hot!

That would probably do me until 2017!

Definitely £2 for 1kg, spent 8quid n got 4kilo, gonna freeze some. Sorted!

pop 2 asda n see if they have any cheese goes down quick at our house so this cheap is a bonus


That would probably do me until 2017!

Yeah. It'd probably last that long for me too. 20:17 next Saturday, if I cut back a little, that is.:D

Always dubious about freezing cheese

Grrrr none in my Asda ...gutted

£5 in my asda


Always dubious about freezing cheese

Why? Its on top of frozen pizzas etc... it may go a little crumblier but that's fine as we don't tend to have cheese sliced.

lf you dont want it to crumble after its been frozen....which it will do.....then grate it first & then freeze it....heat from me though!!


Always dubious about freezing cheese

Tried it before but when it defrosts, it goes crumbly and you can't slice it.

Very cheap and very hot.

2.50 at alloa

Not in Plymouth

That is SO cheap for cheese...good spot OP

good offer for asda but all gone at bolton


Always dubious about freezing cheese

If you wrap it well it should be ok. Some of the moisture will go out of it, but as others have suggested, grating or slicing before you freeze it will help with using afterwards. Additionally if the cheese is not the extra mature/vintage it should have a bit more moisture in it so that shouldn't be too much of an issue with this kind of chees. Also don't keep it too long if you can help it. But flavourwise it should be just fine.

Mature White Cheddar ... yum! What kind of cheese would go with it?

Take a step back, and remember 'cheese' I a cooler/more acceptable way to say 'mouldy breast milk'. Wow. Just wow. (Good deal though if you buy that amount of cheese).

No offer at our asda, I bought the 2x350 for £3.67 i got last time and was happy with that.

Loads of this in the Ayr asda, been reduced to £1.50 and it's dated for the 8th January.
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