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1kg of Extra Mature cheddar for £3.99 @ Farmfoods
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1kg of Extra Mature cheddar for £3.99 @ Farmfoods

Posted 2nd Feb 2016Local
Just had a Farmfoods leaflet come through the door this morning highlighting their latest offers and amongst it all noticed this. This has to be the cheapest on the high street. I have had this in the past and it's okay. It's not the finest I've eaten but at this price worth buying if you like cheese.
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Make a massive cauliflower cheese and be happy...
My taste a bit chemically but at least the price won't give you nightmares!
Pricewise, this beats even Aldi's and Lidl's offerings which are £4.54 per kg
If you get the right 'batch' this comes out really strong and crisp, ie a good quality english cheddar repackaged. If you're unlucky it tastes like flavoured rubber (and not much flavour). I like a strong cheddar like Black Diamond Farmhouse and if you get the right batch it's not far off of that re: strength.
Good high street price, we get it from Costco for £3.50 a kg and it's really nice, we also like ALDI's as it's pretty decent cheese.
Home Bargains do " Garstang Rich Mature Cheddar 800g " for £2.99 which if i work it out is about £3.75 a kilo , handy if you haven"t got a Farmfoods close by but have a Home Bargains ,had it at this price since October too !
Renctly got 1.1 kgs of essential Waitrose Cheese for £ 4.50.
Knocks the socks off this cheese.
In fact the Waitrose Cheese weaned me off the Cathedral rubber cheese.
As mentioned ,larger Home Bargains stores do 800g for £2.99 and it's usually in stock.
Very bad crumbles
The home bargains cheese mentioned is Mature cheddar. This one in Farmfoods is Extra Mature. There is a difference of about an extra 3-6 months of maturing in storage, which as you know adds to the flavour.
Bought a 1kilo block good price at£3.99 I've had it in the past it tasted great but this block is awful it's tasteless and like rubber can't even cook with it.
I have contacted farmfoods still awaiting a reply
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