1L fully synthetic 5w/40 engine oil, £3.89 delivered from eurocarparts

1L fully synthetic 5w/40 engine oil, £3.89 delivered from eurocarparts

Found 18th Aug 2016Made hot 19th Aug 2016
no brainer for fully synthetic, use code service25 to get this price



Nice price for top up oil or enough for a small motorcyle/lawn mower. Good grade of oil choice for those with earlier non fap/non dpf 2.0hdi peugeot/citroen.


10w40 here for £3.27 too. Thanks … 10w40 here for £3.27 too. Thanks o/phttp://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Hyundai_Getz_1.1_2006/p/car-parts/lubricant-and-fluids/car-lubricants-and-car-fluids/engineoil/?521776012&1&1f2c6c21d9e8219f59f6851507100afba0ca6df2&000398

That's semi-synthetic.
There's lots more to oil than viscosity grade. Use the wrong stuff in a modern engine and risk a BIG bill!

Shell helix Ulra is available for not much more.

I normally use the shell, but have used Triple QX before in an interim service when I only plan on runnign it for 3-5k before changing.

Great stuff, used this on a number of my cars (2.0TFSI engine, 1.9JTDM engine) had no issues at all.

Excellent deal. Thanks for sharing.

Just looked at this, you can get 5l with 20% discount and a free oil filter too - so £20 for both with code SERVICESALE

Also try sister company carparts4less. Most things are cheaper, also use code saveme75 at checkout for further 7.5% discount.

Code not working for me

Code not working

Promo code doesn't work for me?

Doesn't work!

Code has been replaced with Servicesale(20% discount will apply instead of 25%)

Just what I need. Thanks

Ordered with new code - £4.15 including postage

Thanks OP
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