1l Volvic water to go - Scans @ 40p at Co-op

1l Volvic water to go - Scans @ 40p at Co-op

Found 8th Oct 2009
Went to Co-Op this morning to get some water. 1l Volic was @82p.

When it scanned, went through as 40p.

This was the Co-Op in Raynes Park, London.

I know water from the tap is generally just as good, but where I am working this week they have no drinking water, so needed to buy some and this is a stonking deal in my mind!


Not bad but a bit over priced at 82p - Asda are also doing 2 x 500ml Volvic for 50p & Buxton 1.5l bottles are about 42p in most supermarkets.

I don't think it's so much about the quality of the water but the fact tap water tastes like crap.

For me atleast. Anyway good deal although the Spar near me does 2x1.5L bottles of water Volvic I think for £1 at times.


these days people are spoilt to the bone if you think about people in other countrys cant even get tap watter let alone dirty water. people its just water same thing you have at home. you are just being suked in by consumer hype if you think about thay are making somuch money just for cleaning some water they found in the mountain.
let me give you a example do you remember when coca cola was selling tap water in botlles you people drunk it and said it was nice when it was just tap water.
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