1ltr Vimto (both varieties) £1 @ASDA

1ltr Vimto (both varieties) £1 @ASDA

Found 27th Jul 2010
Just called into ASDA and found they had Vimto, the original and the no added sugar variety for £1.
Showing online as £1.88 rolled back from £1.00, personally i think someone has made a mistake lol.
Was £1 on my reciept
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Link is not right, goes nowhere.

Heres the proper one

Vimto, the drink of the gods.
hot!! love those drinks
Has been advertised all over the tv at £1
Got one from Asda last week for a quid so deal is definitely on.
8),pop in ASDA and get one right now!
thank mate!
These are 90 summat pence each or 2 for £1.80 at home bargains.
I've had loads of these at my desk. Not as good as the 50p Robinsons Barley deal which lasted only a couple of deals (I only got 4 bottles sniff sniff) but it's nice stuff.
VERY HOT! So glad I have an ASDA's right next to my work!
It's been £1 on and off for a few months now, I usually get the 2l bottles but it's cheaper to get these when the price is down.
They have 1l Ribena to for a £1 - just bought one
£1.88 In Scunthorpe Asda 5 mins ago. Ribeana is £1
I bought mine from the ASDA in St Helens, they had a load on the shelf end priced up for £1 but on the shelf where it lives (as so to speak) they were £1.88.
Maybe the offer ends today
cheeper at home bargins
As I already said above...
Now showing £1 online too. Got charged £1.88 yesterday.
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