1mW 532nm Green Beam Laser Pointer (White) about £5.70 DELIVERED @ Focalprice

1mW 532nm Green Beam Laser Pointer (White) about £5.70 DELIVERED @ Focalprice

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Found 28th Jul 2010
•High quality 1mW green laser pointer.
•You can use it to point at any desired objects, project screens, video monitors etc.
•It comes in handy for Builders and Architects pointing at objects on the site from distance.
•The green dot can be seen miles away.
•Powered by two AAA batteries (included).
•Wavelength: 532nm.
•Output power:


I thought it was useful tool when I posted a similar deal a while ago but it was deleted by mods.

Maybe classed as a weapon in the hands of mindless morons.

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not 1mW

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lol............. find out better, thats not LEGAL?

*HOT* - if for sensible use.
This is a sensible wattage green laser - it is Class 2 legal for office use in the UK. The 1mW is usually more expensive in the uk than 5mW + for exactly that reason, it is able to be used legally in public for "office use". Any laser above 1mW is not "office use legal" or really any use in presentations etc as it is far too bright (My supervisor used to have a 5mW one as a freebie from a chinese conference and it used to half-blind people if used as a pointer in presentations in small rooms). Good price for a 1mW - I paid over £30 quid for mine a few years ago.
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