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Cheap PAYG deal for low users - £10 initial cost for £15 worth of credit (with code) @ 1p Mobile
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
Possibly the best deal around for low users - Apply via TCB & get £5.25, order with £10 credit use the voucher code V5TU & get an extra £5 credit on your Sim. Cost for 4 mo… Read more

TCB = Topcashback


What does "apply via TCB" mean?


Indeed. I have few Three SIM cards with free 200MB data monthly and never ever topped them up for 3 years :) Handy to use abroad on my tablets.


I've been with this network for 2 years now and I am very pleased with it. You can set up automatic topup via paypal so you don't have to worry about anything. It'll automatically topup below £2 credit or every 4 months for £10 whichever comes first. Its an MVNO that use the EE network, so you get pretty great signal. The online panel is great and being able to make sure the nana doesn't accidentally use a premium rate number via a block is great. Your credit never expires btw.


Probably best going for O2 top up £10 for 321 tariff. 1p mb 2p text 3p min calls Same for 3 three network No need to top up every 4 months. £10 could last you a year or more. If you use more then probably for a £5-6 monthly tariff maybe Plusnet or ID mobile

1p Mobile. As it suggest 1p a minute or text or MB. Not good for heavy data users. Top up minimum £10 of 120 days or £20 for 240 days etc
Found 21st Dec 2018Found 21st Dec 2018
1p rate also applies when travelling in 46 european destinations Find out more 1p Our great rates . 1p a minute to UK landlines and mobiles, 1p a text to UK numbers and 1p a … Read more

Excellent, I like these o2 classic rates, no EE coverage where I live. I've ordered a SIM via Topcashback, £5 cashback when activated.


Hi Welsh,the credit rolls over,just get your mum to call you to ring her back every few months and will be fine. I don't use the data much,but used it the other week to look for a telephone while out and only used about 3 mb looking and it certainly didn't knock of 20p just the 3 p. hope the helps buddy. (y)


I'm looking to use a sim for a low volume text / data emergency call system for my mum. This deal works out as £2.50 per month with the minimum £10 top up. So is there any minimum topup with o2 classic and does the credit roll over? Edit : OK did some digging. So firstly 1p mobile is a top up every 4 months not 3. With o2 its a minimum £10 topup every 6 months. It seems to state you will lose your number if you don't top up every 6 months rather than by just sending a text. Also I'm really not sure how you can estimate data usage with this explanation as I'm not sure when a data session ends; 1p per MB within our Europe Zone with no data cap. Your data use will be calculated every time a data session ends or every 20MB whichever happens first. There is a minimum charge of 1p per data session, however short. The charge for each data session will be rounded up to the nearest whole penny I think 1p mobile rounds up your data usage per day.


They do exactly what all operators do! Wow!


As i dont use the internet on my phone, this would be a better deal than my current 321 payg deal on '3'. When my 3 credit has run out, i'll probably change to these. Good deal. Heat.

1p Mobile - Good for payg or as a spare or low users, 1p for everything and top up £10  and get £10 loaded sim in return and use in 46 destinations for 1p a minute, text and 1mb data
Found 28th Sep 2018Found 28th Sep 2018
1p Mobile - Good for payg or as a spare or low users, 1p for everything and top up £10 and get £10 loaded sim in return and use in 46 destinations for 1p a minute, text and 1mb data
On EE network and 1p in 46 world destinations 2160 good trust pilot reviews Use your credit as you want With the UK's lowest rates for calls, texts and data, your top-ups go a … Read more



I have a dual sim phone and still hardly use the data, but it's handy to have in emergencies.


Just don't use it for data.. 4Gb will cost you £40


I too have free 200 mb data from three but I hardly use it as I don't have a dual sim phone. I use my sons three payg phone when calling from abroad to non - UK numbers as it is cheaper than my contract phone.


I'm trying to get mine to come to o2, I changed because I hardly use my phone, I always had loads of credit and was out of the 3 months, so thought I would switch to a cheaper rate. My parents still like the free giffgaff to giffgaff calls. My mum always tops up before 3 months, sometimes 2, my dad doesn't though. They could use the data whilst out too for whatsapp, 1p is better than 5p per MB! I can use my spare credit for google play apps too, something you couldn't do on giffgaff.

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1p Mobile - 1p a minute, 1p text and 1p MB. Cheapest pay as you go  for low users. Must top up £2.50 equivalent . TCB £5.25 back plus 2GB bonus
Found 20th Jun 2018Found 20th Jun 2018
1p Mobile - 1p a minute, 1p text and 1p MB. Cheapest pay as you go for low users. Must top up £2.50 equivalent . TCB £5.25 back plus 2GB bonus
£10 for the Sim that gives you £10 credit 1p per txt, 1p per minute and 1p per MB 4G DATA Of course its only 1p in the EU also now Tethering Allowed Keep you number Credit … Read more

I just voted HOT until my missis just tried to order with a discount code via PayPal giving £5 extra top up & 5% cashback Via quidco . She paid the £10 via PayPal and then the 1p mobile website stated arror and no emails confirming anything but PayPal still took the £10 off my missis balance . Can’t do anything now until tomorrow To find out what’s gone wrong but at this time no SIM card but £10 less on PayPal and to top it off ( no pun intended) the SIM card is still in her basket with all details ( name and address ) vanished !! Will update soon as got more info on what’s happens !


But there we go if you put it in your burgler alarm then you can take it out again and use another sim. You assumed that i was talking about your burglar alarm. This post is about 1p mobile not your burglar alarm. Glad we cleared that up. Lol


In my original post I said I was going to use the SIM in my burglar alarm to send SMS update messages, then you quoted that post mentioning using credit for overseas roaming. My alarm is very much attached to my house, so couldn't go roaming...


No its 3p for calls on Three. Its the 321 tariff - 3p per minute for calls, 2p per text , 1p per MB of data So 1p mobile is cheaper unless you are a really low user ( like myself) , that does not use £2.50 per month.


TCB showing as £2.02 only

1p minutes txts and mb at 1p mobile
Found 10th May 2018Found 10th May 2018
1p minutes txts and mb at 1p mobile
not seen this posted before 1p for calls txts and mb on EE network EU roaming seems good prices for payg Top-up At least once every 120 days (4 months) Credit never expires

Can you spend any spare credit on google play? I know you can for EE which this network uses?


bought them week ago..got golfen number for £2 quids..anybody needs good number look for 074 86 86 86 8*


Yes, of course I know that. That's the whole point! If I want to check emails I either have Wifi (home/work/tube) or have to switch on the mobile data connection briefly. It's not for everyone, but the simplest option if you want to save data. As for your condescending tone that I have to learn and you don't... I worked with lots of scientists in my career. Almost all have been humble about their knowledge and were willing to admit when they were wrong. None would refer to their title/experience in a discussion. That's the basis for learning, my friend.


Oh you have to learn a lot...and not to teach IT specialist for 17 years. Look, when you switch off mobile data- it is off for all processes, background too. But I think you can’t understand that....


1p, 1p, 1p.... £10

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1p Mobile - Everything 1p - Per Min/SMS/Mb - Ideal Pay-as-you-go
Found 13th Sep 2017Found 13th Sep 2017
1p Mobile - Everything 1p - Per Min/SMS/Mb - Ideal Pay-as-you-go
A great network with 5* on Trust Pilot using EE's infrastructure A great Pay as you Go deal if thats all that you need. £10 for the Sim that gives you £10 credit 1p per txt, 1… Read more

1st email arrived exactly 14 days before top up due.


Let me know if anyone wants to order one, have referring code which give you and me extra £5 credit, when you order sim.


My top up is due on the 17th - as yet no emails.


May be too late, try TCB (topcahsback.co.uk) - I got £5.25 back! :)


Anyone got a referral code

1pmobile (1p per min/txt/mb) using EE
Found 23rd May 2017Found 23rd May 2017
1pmobile (1p per min/txt/mb) using EE
One simple tariff Use your credit as and when you want. With the UK's lowest rates for calls, texts and data, your top-ups go a lot, lot further. Join today for just £10. We'll s… Read more

Cheers - with £5.25 topcashback already tracking looks like a no brainer! Thanks again.


Working great. Recommended


great idea - any more feedback?


I always skip the ones with one review. Chech those with more reviews. Now, don't get me wrong, they're still relatively new and probably selling at a loss.


11 reviews with 7 of them from one review people seems a bit dodgy, a lot of the reviews seem to have been written by the same person after reading them.

1p mobile only 1p calls and text to any number! Not bad for light users!
Found 30th Apr 2017Found 30th Apr 2017
1p mobile only 1p calls and text to any number! Not bad for light users!
Pay As You Go 1pMobile’s namesake is their Pay As You Go tariff, where customers pay just 1p/minute, 1p/text and 1p/MB for standard UK usage. Compared to most of the big name prov… Read more

I have had a lot of sales calls from a funeral plan company since joining this outfit. Coincidence? Anyone else have this?


yes, but you are required to topup the sim card every 3 months with at least £10 or the sim card will expire, regardless of how much credit you got.


I believe though the £10 top up joining fee is all phone credit and if you're a light user that should hopefully last you a while.


because there is a Joining top-up £10 fee, and minimum topup is also £10.so money wasted for light users.


Can you tether data or use with dongle etc?

500mins £5 per month @ 1p mobile
Found 19th Mar 2017Found 19th Mar 2017
500mins £5 per month @ 1p mobile
Just noted Already posted before. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/1p-mobile-cheapest-payg-tariff-2525200

just beware this is a 5 pounds subscription service not a proper pay and go deal so it may sound cheap but it's not considering pay as you usually means no minimum spend and this is £5 a month minimum spend.


Double credit on sign up, upto £30 for £60, which can last 12 months. Seems good, but risky if the company goes bust.


Even if you don't use your credit lets say you use £4 they will still take the full £5 and if you don't top up within 60 days then the account is closed! Sorry op but cold for me three 321 is much better as crdit never expires and you only have to make a call every six months!


Warning: You'll need to top-up a minimum of £5 per month if you want to keep it going. From https://www.1pmobile.com/why-choose-1pmobile.taf «You can top-up from just £5 and each top-up lasts 30 days. If you use all your top-up you can still receive calls and texts until the 30 days have finished, or you can top-up again for another 30 days of calls, texts and data.» So really it's like a £5 month contract! Better to have £5 plusnet for 250 mins and unlimited texts and 1gb of data at the mo in my opinion


Expensive if you are a low user​. Threes data reward sim is cheaper for me. But there again it's cheaper than a few £5 contacts and more flexible.

1p mobile cheapest payg tariff
Found 8th Oct 2016Found 8th Oct 2016
1p mobile cheapest payg tariff
1pMobile offers a straightforward tariff where calls to UK mobiles and landlines cost just 1p a minute, sending a text is just 1p, and data costs just 1p a megabyte. There is no n… Read more

good value particularly as credit does not run out need to top up every 4 months or every 3 months to keep account active


QC is offering £10 cashback for all sales. http://www.quidco.com/1pmobile-uk/


6+ months on and I'm still on my initial £10 3-2-1 top-up. If this weren't £10 every 4 months (say, minimum £5 every 6 months, or preferably no minimum at all) I would definitely consider it, AND I would probably use my phone more 8-)


I am a 1pMobile customer and I have to agree with Norfolkdreamer, the service has been great. Andaho, They give you a full breakdown of your calls,texts and daily data useage which I didnt get with 3. Not only that but they let you search your call and text history by date or number, so if you want to know when you called a particular number months ago, just type it in and it will list all calls/texts to that number by date. I have never seen such a detailed breakdown anywhere before and the extra options don't confuse matters. They have it laid out pretty well. In fact they have other features, I have not seen before. As well as turning things like roaming and voicemail on and off, they let you turn mobile data and texting on and off. I didnt see the point of why anyone would want to do either but someone suggested might be good to turn mobile data off on a kids phone and only allow them to use wi-fi. Not something I would use but they have an option for that On top of that they dropped the voicemail cost from 15p to 1p a couple of months back, which was a pleasant surprise as it is now charged at he same rate as a normal call (a lot of providers charge more for voicemail). I got the £60 for £30 deal when it was on, but I noticed when I logged in this week that that deal for new customers has ended. There was an announcement on my account page to say they have now removed the minimum £5 per month thing and that your unused credit rolls over forever. The only proviso is that you top up once every 120 days. As I joined up on the double credit deal, I wont have to top up again until next January. Yeah it gets better all the time. I notice they have added data boosters too, which might be useful when I go away on holiday I told a friend about the changes and suggested he also switch from his 321 PAYG but he said on 321 he doesnt have to top up every 120 days. When we checked his usage he was using roughly 120 minutes per month (he doesnt use texts or data). That was £3.60 per month but only £1.20 with 1p. He then said but 1p wants you to top up by £10 every 4 months and he will only use half that, so not worth changing. I then pointed out he is currently spending over £48 a year and for same period would only spend £30 and and let the extra £15 he didnt use roll over. As well as costing him less I pointed out if he didnt want to use the extra rollover credit, just let it build up and text donate it to children in need or something. Oh Yeah! he said. 1p give their customers a refer a friend code, which I gave to him and he signed up and with the code got an extra £5 credit. When he does eventually spend £10, I will get the same for referring him. To be honest, I took a punt joining but have to say I have pleasantly been surprised. To the people who said they would probably put their rates up after a few months, that would have been a bit tricky as they are called 1pmobile. The fact is they have done the opposite


By quite a while, I assume you mean only a few months? - they've only been around for a few months haven't they? I was wondering, are you able to see a breakdown of what you spend your credit on? - Three don't offer this, and I don't like the lack of transparency - I'd occasionally like to see how my credit was spent.

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