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Posted 16 January 2023

1st Player - Ryzen 5 5600G - 16GB - 1TB NVME Windows Vega System from £399.99 at Palicomp

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600G - 6 Cores - 12 Threads - 3.9/4.4Ghz
  • ASUS Prime A520M-K
  • CORSAIR 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz £
  • SAMSUNG 1TB 980 M.2 nVME
  • 1stPLAYER DKD3A Black £
  • AMD Radeon Vega Graphics
  • MICROSOFT Windows 10/11 or 10/11 Pro

Price: £399.99


#500W to CIT 700W 80+ BRONZE : +£25.00
#500W to CORSAIR 550W 80+ GOLD : +£40.00
#1TB 980 to ADATA 1TB S70 (Faster Read/Write): +£20.00 (B550M Below)
#Ryzen 5 5600G to Ryzen 7 5700G : +£75.00
#CIT CASE+PSU - CIT Flash RGB + CIT 700W 80+ BRONZE : +£0.01

BACKDOORS: (for B and to correct S70 desire)
A520 -> B550M-K +35

Palicomp 5600G Cobra is back and back with some new twisters on the booster section (Xmas pre-special back)
The main Default system at £399.99 is an amazing value package.

Some new addition in the PSU area in the promo department, and I like the thought of the Corsair 550W Gold at £40 and a nice fair jump to the Ryzen 7 5700G which is more reasonable than before.

I don't understand the S70 booster in the storage department on this one with the A520 gen3 motherboard as that is after all GEN4 Storage, but ill go with them and do them over with a backdoor and get a nice B550M Asus board to at a nicer price, My tip: do both or neither or just board. (backdoor: open the link from here and add to the same basket)

And then lastly u have that weird switch a roo on +PSU -Interesting Case aspect, if my budget was £400 yeah I do that one. I like the flash case but if I had more budget a premium 550w corsair of course, what we playing now: in a penny

Anyone who says 5600G is dead is just being plain spiteful, it's a 6Core 12Thread CPU with Vega 7 Graphics.
it's a great system for kids' first PC and anyone who doesn't desire a high-end graphical system.

With the PSU inside your system, you can add a graphics card later, obvious the higher the GPU u will feel some performance loss if compared to the mainstream 5600 but not by much.

and sadly asking any system builder for a 5600 system built with no GPU is going to cost much more than it's worth, great for self-builders though but not prebuilt buyers. (once a time its been there but not now)

not everyone can afford a £700 system upfront, half now half another day when ur ready which has been one thing people have done and that's more comfortable for a lot of people than going all out even though a couple of fps were lost in the end game.

# I'm not going to tag in any videos as this is what you should be doing, going on the tube and searching "5600G 16GB" and looking at the performance it offers and doesn't offer is the key.

is it good enough for video editing or photo editing u may ask? to some people it is, and can do a good job but to others not fast enough or has does not enough elements for their desire.

6Core specifically covers a lot of ground but 8Core 5700G for desire or need is there.
Typical it always more desire than actual but in most cases needed
Palicomp More details at Palicomp
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  1. Avatar
    Those builder PSUs are actually horrible, have had 2 die and take out components

    Not sure about the CiT ones
  2. Avatar
    Does anyone know if this would run Unreal Engine? My boy is doing games design at college and needs a pc for it
    Without adding a reasonable graphics card it wouldn't run UE in any 3d environment capacity that well (edited)
  3. Avatar
    If I took my 1070 from my 8400 system would I see an improvement?
    The research key u would benefit from is to check the performance of a 8400 to 8600K. obvious most videos would highlight "1080" on "1080".

    That would be the best guide to check, as under a GPU such as1 070 -1080 the 5600G is that of a 8600K under 1080

    so id cross ref 8400 to 8600K and that will be the estimated best guide to go off as there will be lots of open source info.
    then u can judge urself. # but id suggest replace CPU to 8600k would be cheaper if it mattered to u. (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Got this 5600G system for my boy's Christmas and been really happy with it. Wouldn't hesitate going to Palicomp again, they were excellent. Ended up going with their offer of the care package, OS, Q-jump, tuning and other extras and all came in under £400.
  5. Avatar
    Kids first pc?
    My current one doesn't meet halfway up those specs and is still going after a home build of cheap components 15 years ago.
    My first "pc" was the ZX81 that I had to save up for, with its incredible 1 kilobyte of Ram.
    Kids don't need anything this powerful for homework etc (edited)
    Software isn’t still based on a resource utilisation of 1MB of RAM… Lightroom probably would make your machine combust
  6. Avatar
    What sort of GPU would the 1p promo 700w Bronze PSU support?
    Be nice for AMD 6600 - Certainly ain't a high roller id be using for an RTX3070
    so for the 1p. id be tempted. for that GPU level. £400.00 and having the max goal of in that region.

    as for the corsair 550W Gold. id have no problem putting a 3060Ti in that PSU under a 6core spec.
    does sound backward 550w better then 700w due to Quality parts of the corsair.

    5600G is suggested up to RTX3060 after that u start to feel it more Vs main stream CPU's but going +1 I don't see the issue for split buyers making it affordable. or 2nd market. if u can make a deal in value at the end of the day that's worth loosing some performance. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Not bad, you could build yourself for cheaper though.
    Using these exact parts (or nearest equivalent) in a new condition? Nah, no way. Especially when you consider you get a Windows 10/11 install and license and a 3-year RTB warranty. This is good value.

    I can't see you building it yourself using new parts for less than £450 while including a Windows license that isn't ripped from an old machine. But best of luck to you though.
  8. Avatar
    Perhaps it is time for an upgrade. Should be able to switch a few components from the old one to reduce expense.
    Shame we can't lose the OS and save a bit.
    Is it possible to rip those ugly lights out? I don't want some fairground ride going off under the desk. I don't understand the need to look at the box
  9. Avatar
    £325 with 480GB SSD
    or £295 with no SSD and add ur own.
    if u desire some boosters (backdoors from this new 5600G at £400 let me know)

    (The 1p club wont work) but i can sort the Corsair 550W Gold for u.
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